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Miocic’s heavyweight reign may be a long one

With his second heavyweight title defense, Stipe Miocic has tied the longest reign at the top of the division but looks like he can keep a hold at the top for a long time.

The rematch is set… again

Jones Jones vs. Daniel Cormier 2 has been canceled twice, but the UFC has no other option at light heavyweight but to keep trying to make it happen.

Pulling GSP was the right move

To be honest, Georges St-Pierre never should have gotten the title shot to begin with, but after requesting more time to prepare he had to be pulled.

Should Jones return to a title shot?

Jon Jones looks like the only worthy challenger for Daniel Cormier, but should he immediately be given a title shot upon his return in July?


Raiders move to Vegas is a disgrace

The fact that the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas is just business, but everything else surrounding the move is an absolutely disgrace for the Raiders and the NFL.

The Bears are clueless when it comes to QBs

After signing Mike Glennon and now Mark Sanchez, the Chicago Bears have somehow managed to get worse at the quarterback position this offseason.

Cousins signs tender, but WSH makes a mess

The jury may still be out on Kirk Cousins, but either which way, he seems completely done with Washington’s dysfunction. And who can blame him?

Top 10 NFL Free Agents

Alshon Jeffery leads this year’s free agency class. Here are our top 10 overall free agents, all of whom we expect to get some pretty big deals, pretty quickly.