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NHL receives expansion bids from Las Vegas and Quebec City. Seattle, Portland, Kansas City and Toronto do not put in bids.


Dez Bryant featured

Why Dez Bryant is right for holding out

Dez Bryant is willing to give up $12.8 million in a hold out for a new contract but while it’s easy to side with the Cowboys, he is actually in the right on this.

Justin Forsett

Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish – NFL FA Edition

Maybe the best free agency class of all time saw players get tons of money, but not every deal signed was outrageous. Here are our best and worst contracts given out.

Tony Romo featured

2015 is a make or break year for Tony Romo

Finally with a respectable defense there to take pressure off of him, Tony Romo has no excuse if he does not lead the Dallas Cowboys to success in 2015.

Kenny Stabler featured

Raider great Kenny Stabler passes away at 69

Legendary Raiders quarterback Kenny Stabler will be remembered as one of the greatest personalities in NFL history and an all-time most accurate passers.


Pat Connaughton featured

Non-lottery rookies to keep an eye on

While the NBA lottery is where most of the top players in the NBA come from there are always a handful of late picks who make an impact. Here are our picks.

Josh Smith featured

NBA FA: Josh Smith signs with the Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers add another versatile wing to come off the bench, sign free agent Josh Smith to a contract.

Leonard featured

The All-under 25 NBA team

The NBA is loaded with young talent and these guy have proven to be the best players under the age of 25 on their position.

Luke Ridnour featured

Luke Ridnour and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Offseason

Since June 26, Luke Ridnour has been traded four times and in the end was released by the Toronto Raptors.