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Miguel Cabrera has been placed on the disabled list for the first time in his career with a hamstring injury. He is expected to miss six weeks.


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Predicting the five biggest 2015 draft busts

Not every pick in the NFL Draft works out and these five guys seem to be set up to disappoint the teams that drafted them.

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Five potential surprise impact rookies

Not all impact rookies have to be drafted in the first round. Here are five you should take notice of right now because they could have big rookie seasons.

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NFL Head Coach Rankings

Sometimes even more than the best players, the team with the best coaches win. Here are our head coaching rankings, No. 1 though No. 32.

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Four teams likely for a big turnaround

Every year there are one or two teams headed for a major turnaround in the NFL. These four teams are the most likely to make that jump up the standings.


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NBA FA: David West will chase title with Spurs

Initially the Spurs backup plan if they could not sign LaMarcus Aldridge, they land him anyway to a veterans minimum contract worthy only $1.4 million.

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Lakers finalizing trade for Roy Hibbert

Roy Hibbert won’t be the next great Laker big man but he can certainly be a solid stop-gap and nice rim-protector in the middle for them.

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Best NBA Free Agents on the market

With LaMarcus Aldridge finally signing with the Spurs the top-level of the free agent market is clear but there are still some very good players left for teams to go after.

DeAndre Jordan

Jordan leaving LA for Dallas changes the West

DeAndre Jordan took less money to leave Los Angeles for Dallas and with him go the Clippers championship hopes; changing the landscape of the Western Conference.