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O’s trade for Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis

Tommy Hunter, who went 13-4 and started a World Series game last year, could be a front-end of the rotation starter for the Orioles.

Expected to happen for a while now, the Baltimore Orioles traded right-handed relief pitcher Koji Uehara to the Texas Rangers in return for right-handed starter Tommy Hunter and corner infielder Chris Davis.

Uehara battled through injuries the past two seasons but proved to be a dominant relief pitcher this year, putting up a 1.72 ERA 43 appearances. Uehara pitched 47 innings with the Orioles this season and struck out 62 batters and walked only eight with a 0.70 WHIP.

The product of Osaka, Japan was due a $4 million vesting option if he pitches in 13 more games this season.

By dealing Uehara the Orioles may have snagged themselves a front-end of the rotation pitcher in Hunter, who ended up being the odd-man-out in the Rangers rotation but went 13-4 last year and started a game in the World Series.

Hunter was on the disabled list for a significant length of time this season, making his first appearance of the year on July 2. When he got back the rotation was already filled so he got placed in the bullpen, but in 15.1 innings pitched he had a 2.93 ERA with 10 strikeouts.

Davis has seen time at both first and third base in his career. His only full season to this point has been 2009 when he played in 113 games and had 21 home runs. The prior year Davis played in 80 games and hit 17 home runs. Davis has bounced back-and-fourth between the majors and minors the last two years, but mostly because he has been blocked by other veterans.

Chris Davis will really add power to the Orioles lineup.

Davis needs to improve his career .248 batting average but he has a solid glove and bring significant power. In 878 at-bats Davis has hit 42 home runs with 49 doubles, slugging .454. He’s slugged .824 at Triple-A.

Both Hunter and Davis should find their spots as starters for years to come. Both are only 25 years old.

Now the question is whether or not the Orioles trade Jeremy Guthrie. In a way the best move may not be trading Guthrie. With the addition of Hunter the Orioles would have a very decent 1-2 punch between the two. Then, add Jake Arrieta and Zach Britton to the rotation, all the Orioles need is for either Brian Matusz, Chris Tillman, or Brad Bergesen to be decent.

Word has it that the Orioles are not being offered anything more than an average prospect for Guthrie. If that’s the case the team would be better off keeping him in the rotation with Hunter at the front end, with Arrieta and Britton in the middle, and one of their other three prospects at the final spot.

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