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Ravens need to make a move in free agency soon

Nnamdi Asomugha would make the Ravens a Super Bowl favorite, could all that cap room they made be for him?

Here’s to really hoping the Ravens do something soon in free agency.

Ozzie Newsome has a plan. He has a direction. He knows what he’s doing and how to win. But as of right now he hasn’t done much of anything since the lockout ended except cut four veteran players and re-sign Marshal Yanda.

Newsome is not the type of guy that just rushes out and does thing; he plans, he waits, and he goes in after things are settled down and gets the best deal. Sometimes that can be a very good approach, teams generally regret their rash decisions, but in this free agent frenzy the Ravens seem to be missing out.

Maybe he has worked some deals with some good players but people just don’t know about it yet because nobody can sign until tomorrow, but if he hasn’t, then the Ravens may have cause for concern.

If Newsome simply cut four veterans and tried to just re-sign his players and maybe add one or two low-key free agents that is not the recipe for success.

A lot of the top end free agents have already found homes. Santonio Holmes, Jason Babin, Barry Cofield, Robert Gallery, Santana Moss, and Sidney Rice are all players that could have helped the Ravens but will be playing for different teams.

To make matters worse, Josh Wilson is signing with the Redskins, limiting the team’s options at cornerback.

Last year the Ravens did not win a Super Bowl because there were too many questions in the receiving corp., on the offensive line, with the pass rush, and in the secondary. While the Ravens did draft some rookies to help the problems, they are still rookies and unless the team hit a home run everywhere, veterans will be needed.

There are still a lot of questions in those spots right now.

Sure, Torrey Smith could be a big-time playmaker but is he ready to step right in to be the Ravens starting wide receiver? Other than quarterback, wide receiver is one of the hardest positions to transition from college to the NFL because there are so many new, complex coverages that were never seen at the collegiate level.

It is great that the Ravens re-signed Yanda, they really needed to keep him around, but if he is staying at right guard, is the right tackle job really going to be decided by a position battle between Jah Reid, Oniel Cousins, and Ramon Harewood? The Ravens may really like Reid but would you really be confident when he’s going up against LaMarr Woodley week one?

Who is going to help Terrell Suggs rush the passer? Sergio Kindle is supposedly back but there may not be a guy in the NFL with more question marks surrounding him. Will he even be able to play?

The secondary may be the most concerning right now. With Wilson headed down I-95 to the Redskins Chris Carr is almost a must re-sign for the Ravens or their starting cornerbacks will be some sort of a combination out of a rookie that is not even signed or on the field yet, a guy coming off an ACL tear that kept him out all of last season, and a guy that got beat out for a starting job by Wilson and Carr last year.

Jimmy Smith, Domonique Foxworth, and Lardarius Webb are all good players and should be a solid trio of cornerbacks for a while but none of them should be penciled in as a starter and that is reason enough to worry in this pass happy league that the NFL has turned into.

It’s been 10 years since the Ravens lifted the Lombardi Trophy and simply sticking with what they had from last year is not going to cut it.

Very rarely are there ever teams that won the Super Bowl by bringing the same team back from the previous season, there is always some way a team can improve and unless the Ravens pull a miracle and go after Nnamdi Asomugha, make a trade for Osi Umenyoira, sign Matt Roth or Mathias Kiwanuka, or get a veteran right tackle on the roster, they are a worse team than last year by cutting two three starters and a key backup.

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