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When will the Ravens start doing something?

is Ozzie Newsome going to do anything at all?

This is unacceptable. In an unprecedented free agency the Ravens have done absolutely nothing to improve their team.

So far the Ravens have done has retained Marshal Yanda and Prescott Burgess but cut Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Kelly Gregg, Willis McGahee, lost Josh Wilson, Donte Stallworth, Chris Chester to the Washington Redskins, and are on the verge of losing Dawan Landry to Jacksonville and Le’Ron McClain to Kansas City.

Keeping Yanda was indeed the top priority but if the only big move a team makes in free agency is keeping a player that was on the roster the previous season, they are not getting better.

Saying the team is tight up against the salary cap should not be a valid excuse when teams are looking to win Super Bowls. With the cuts they made the Ravens cleared $23.9 million in cap room, so they had the money to do more than simply keep their own players and sign their rookies.

But it’s amazing how the Ravens could possibly be so strapped for cash they can’t do anything when the New York Jets started free agency over the cap, signed Santonio Holmes and are on the verge of signing Nnamdi Asomugha, yet they will still have enough money to fill out a 90-man roster.

It’s also amazing how the New England Patriots can have such a high payroll and go out and made trades (giving up practically nothing in the process) for Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocino and stay under the cap enough to get more guys.

Baltimore had gapping whole on their team last year. They had problems in the secondary, couldn’t get a decent pass rush going, struggled to keep Joe Flacco on his feet, and the receivers couldn’t get open for big plays. If the Ravens want to win a Super Bowl they have to make a big move to help at least one of those areas but if they only address those positions with average free agent signings, rookies, and resigning the players they already had, that is not a way to improve the team.

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Corey Johns

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