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Best in Baltimore: 10 best names in Ravens history

With the Ravens putting together their roster it’s the time of the year where we start seeing all of the new names they added. Sometimes some names are better than the others and really stand out. This week’s “Best in Baltimore” is going to be a bit more fun than usual, counting down the 10 best names in Ravens history.

10. Corey Ivy – CB – 2006-2008

You’re probably not quite sure why Corey Ivy made the list but he actually has a pretty cool name. Rhyming definitely helps but it makes things so much better when you consider he has his own theme song based on his name (see Poison Ivy by the Coasters).

9. Ovie Mughelli – FB – 2003-2005

Not only did his name rhyme but it was pretty unusual as well. Ovie was a very solid blocking fullback for the Ravens and had a perfect name to chant “OOOO-VEEEE, OOOO-VEEE, OOOO-VEEE.”

8. Paul Krugar – LB – 2009-Present

When you’re a pass rusher and have to be a terror in the backfield and give the opposing quarterback nightmares, what better last name to have than Krugar? I’m still waiting for Paul Krugar to end up being a big terror on the level of Freddie but at least he has an awesome name.

7. Domonique Foxworth – CB – 2009-Present

Admit it; you really think his name is pretty cool. His name isn’t necessarily unusual, it doesn’t rhyme, and it’s not alliterative, but it’s just really cool.

6. Orlando Bobo – OL – 2000-2001

You probably don’t remember Orlando Bobo for his play with the Ravens but he certainly has one of the best names in team history. It rhymes and…I’ll say it…his last name being Bobo it kind of funny. But pairing it with his first name, it really works.

5. Obafemi Ayanbadejo – FB – 1999-2001

He has a name like nobody else in the NFL. Even his brother’s name isn’t as exciting…well, it is, his brother’s name is Oladele but ruined it by going by his middle name Brendan. Obafemi Ayanbadejo was a spectacular fullback for the Ravens and also had a spectacular name.

4. Vinny Testaverde – QB – 1996-1997

The Ravens first-ever quarterback also has an incredibly classic name. Going by Vinny was a great decision for him, because it rhymes with his last name and gives him a great quarterback name.

3. Tony Siragusa – DT – 1997-2001

GOOOSE!!! Tony Siragusa, another great Italian name that the Ravens had. Tony Siragusa was a big time player for the Ravens and helped them win a Super Bowl but he also has a memorable name that you just like to say.

2. Musa Smith – RB – 2003-2007

Throughout the course of this list being names Musa Smith kept rising and rising. There might not be a better name for a running back than Musa Smith. Like his name says, he was a Moose. But it really only worked with a simple last name like Smith, where it allowed all the emphasis on the first name. Go ahead, try saying Musa with another last name and it just doesn’t work as well.

1. T.J. Slaughter – LB – 2003-2004

Hands down this is the best name in Ravens history, maybe the best name in football history. The fact that he was a linebacker makes things so much better too because linebackers, particularly the ones in Baltimore, are supposed to slaughter their opponent.

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