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Catching up on the Ravens

It’s been a few days since my last update but I had a lot of things come up in my life and since this website is pretty much just a one-man show it was hard to keep the content up each day. But, on the bright side, everything is in the past now and the coverage of all sports will continue, at an even higher level with college seasons starting in only a few days.

So now it’s time to catch up on what was missed, and the biggest headlines, obviously, came from the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens won their preseason game against the Chiefs 31-13. In that game the Oniel Cousins really redeemed himself. Last week against the Eagles Cousins was not working at either right or left tackle, but when he moved inside to right guard he looked like a very capable starter against a very solid starting Chiefs defensive line.

Jah Reid looked better than last week but there is a possibility now that Marshal Yanda could move back outside to right tackle while Cousins plays inside at guard, something that offensive coordinator Cam Cameron mentioned could happen before the game.

Depending on how Reid progresses again, that could be an option but it would also be a move that would diminish the running game. Yanda is an elite run-blocker at right guard, moving him outside would definitely not be the best way to utilize his abilities but there may also not be another choice.

But, the Ravens did go out and sign former Tennessee Titan offensive lineman Jason Murphy and former New England Patriots tackle Mark LeVoir. In order to make room for them they cut offensive linemen Colin Madison and Kyle Calloway. Of the two 29-year-old additions to the offensive line LeVoir has the best chance to get time in a game. He played in 32 games in three seasons with New England, while starting two, but will likely just be a swing backup capable of playing both tackle positions.

Going back to the running game, though, Anthony Allen and Jalen Parmele each scored touchdowns and both showed nice bursts, which will likely keep them on the team’s roster this season as backups behind Ray Rice and Ricky Williams.

You can already tell that Lee Evans is going to be a big part of the Ravens offense this season.

The big bright spot, though, was newly acquired Lee Evans. Oddly enough no receiver other than the guy who has been on the team less than a week looked to be in sync with Joe Flacco, which to me says he’s just really good. His very first catch was spectacular. Flacco threw the ball a little in front of Evans but he stretched out, made the catch with his finger tips, and had a 12-yard gain.

David Reed matched Evans three catches for 68 yards but he did most of his damage against a third-string defense with Tyrod Taylor under center. Taylor showed he has a lot of promise and he showed spectacular mobility, rushing for a touchdown and extending plays by scrambling around out of the pocket. But it is pretty clear that the Ravens still need another backup, somebody who is a more experienced veteran.

Defensively, Pernell McPhee really stood out, which could create for a very deep defensive line if he stays playing at that level. Undrafted rookie safety Mana Silva also looked pretty solid and linebackers Albert McClellan, Josh Bynes, Prescott Burgess, and Dannell Ellerbe are all going to make for a very interesting battle for the last few roster spots going to linebackers.

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