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Few surprises as Ravens trim roster

It shouldn't be a surprise that LaQuan Williams mad the 53-man roster.

Yesterday was cut day. The Baltimore Ravens had to trim their roster down to 53 guys and for the most part there really weren’t too many surprised. Everybody knows who is going to take up the majority of the roster spots going into the preseason and there are only really a couple roster spots up for grabs that several guys are fighting for.

After the Ravens’ third preseason game I went and did my predictions because the fourth preseason game rarely ever decides too much. Of all my picks to make the team only three players were cut, and I had all of them on the bubble. Those players were: TE Davon Drew, OG Justin Boren, and LB Prescott Burgess.

Picking Drew at tight end was really just a toss up. Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta are the team’s primary tight ends and the third guy is really just depth. I picked Drew over Kris Wilson, who ultimately made the team, one a pure guess because none of the guys really stood out. In the end Wilson’s experience won out over Drew, who in three seasons never did much of anything.

But Boren and Burgess getting cut did surprise me a bit. Boren was a surprise for the simple fact that the Ravens are only going to have eight offensive linemen on the roster and historically they got with nine and were even talking about keeping 10 on the roster. Boren should make the practice squad if he passes through waivers. Perhaps the Ravens believe long snapper Morgan Cox can fill in on the offensive line if they get in a pinch but I would expect that number to go up by the season’s end.

Burgess was probably the most surprising because he is such a great special team’s player but Albert McClellan (who I actually had as out) is apparently the guy they’re looking at to fill in for him.

If you remember I had the Ravens keeping 52 players so they could make room for one more waiver pickup. The Ravens may very well pick up some other players and release somebody but they do have one extra roster spot right now because wide receiver David Reed is going to serve a one game suspension against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Nevertheless, the team’s final two roster spots went to Michael McAdoo and Jason Phillips. I had McAdoo as a practice squad player but if I had give the Ravens 53 guys he would have been the last one. He is certainly talented enough but by being a player entering the league through the supplemental draft (which he was not taken in and signed as an undrafted free agent) he did not have any time to learn the system and make an impression in the preseason.

As expected the Ravens kept more than six linebackers, which is historically their cap at the position. The current roster has eight linebackers on it and Jason Phillips is the last one. Phillips has battled injuries throughout his short career but did show he was capable of making the team in the preseason. In my predictions I had him as a bubble player on the out purely for a number standpoint since I had Burgess in as the eighth linebacker.

Many people are surprised the Ravens released Tavares Gooden because after he was draft he was the heir-apparent to Ray Lewis. He showed some good in his career but he also showed a lot of bad and probably wasn’t going to get any playing time this season.

Offensive lineman Ramon Harewood was played on injured reserve for the second-straight year.

Still, expect Baltimore to go out and pick up another backup quarterback. Josh McCown, Kellen Clemens, Trent Edwards, and Brodie Croyle were all cut yesterday.

The Ravens have until tonight to fill their practice squad.

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