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Bones submits Belfort in fourth round

Jon “Bones” Jones made Vitor Belfort tap out 54 seconds into the fourth round of their fight at UFC 152 when he locked in an Americana.

Vitor Belfort nearly pulled off a huge upset in the first round of his UFC 152 fight against light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones when he got an armbar in and nearly snapped the 24-year-old phenom’s arm. Jones was able to power his way out of it and landed a barrage of elbows to the face off the veteran, but the damage was done and it left Jones holding his right arm the entire fight.

Still, though, Jones was able to overcome a weakened right arm and got Belfort to tap out 54 seconds into the fourth round when he got an Americana on his left arm and really started to pull.

Jones controlled the pace of the entire match and did force Belfort to try to use his ground Jiu Jitsu, even though the mat is where Jones favors fights to be. Belfort likes to get inside and brawl but Jones’ incredibly long extremities kept him far enough away that it was Belfort’s only choice to pull the champ to the ground and try to get submission holds.

With the victory Jones improved his MMA record to 17-1-0 with the long blemish on his record being by disqualification from illegal downward elbows.

Jones, the youngest light heavyweight champion ever, has held the title since getting a TKO against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua on March 19, 2011 at UFC 128. Since then Jones has taken out four incredibly good fighters: Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans and Belfort. Only Evans took the fight to a decision.

With his fourth title defense the question is now, who is next? At this point Jones has really separated himself from the rest of his division but below are some fighters who could get a shot at him.

Dan Henderson – UCF 151 was supposed to be Bones vs. Hendo but an injury took Dan Henderson and his H-Bomb out of the fight. Jones said he wants to settle unfinished business with Henderson, so more than any other fight this is likely his next opponent.

Chael Sonnen – When Hendo went down Sonnen was scheduled to fight Jones but the champion refused to take the fight on such short notice and forced the entire event to be cancelled (at least the pay-per-view event). Sonnen may get his shot after he takes on Forrest Griffin at UFC 155.

Forrest Griffin – By no means do I really think Griffin is ready to take on Jones but if he were to beat Sonnen then it would have to put him in the conversation for a title shot against Jones after coming up with victories against Tito Ortiz, Rich Franklin, Quinton Jackson, Stephan Bonnar and Mauricio Rua all on his record.

Anderson Silva – Clearly, this would be an incredibly hyped fight with the two best pound-for-pound fighters going up against each other, it would be on the same hype level of Mayweather-Pacquiao in boxing. Silva takes on Stephen Bonnar at UFC 153 in October could Silva-Jones be the main event at UFC 156 sometime in January?

Rashad Evans – With a clean victory over Evans at UFC 145 it is very unlikely Jones will be taking on Evans for a second fight any time soon but Evans has been the only fighter to take him to the end of a fight since 2009. A second fight would again be a dandy to watch.

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