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The DH: Should it stay or should it go?

Debating about sports, maybe that should be the national past time. Maybe even more than the events themselves the debates sports give us are one of the biggest reason we all love them so much. The best thing about sports debates are that there is never a definitive answer; it is one person’s opinion against another.

Come on, admit it, you’ve stayed up until…way too late…arguing sports before even though in the grand scheme of things the point you’re arguing will have absolutely no affect on the game. Was the tuck rule call legit? Who cares, it’s over with, nothing will change from it, so why still argue the same thing over an over again? Why? Because it is fun and enjoyable.

It is what we sports fans do but there is something to remember, there is always more than one side to every argument, otherwise it wouldn’t be an argument really, it would be just one crazy man yelling about something.

The writers of So Much Sports are like any other sports fans, they debate sports, and we are going to bring out arguments to you in a new feature called Point-Counter Point, where two writers offer different view points on one subject. For the inaugural edition Corey Johns and Mark Foudos will be debating a classic, the DH rule. Mark thinks both the American and National League should have a designated hitter while Corey thinks the rule split is perfect and should not change.

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