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Signs don’t show near end to lockout

The reigning NHL MVP Evgeni Malkin has already signed a contract to play in Russia during the lockout.

Alexander Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk and Evgeni Malkin are just three of the big names who are ready to play hockey professionally in leagues other than the North American-based NHL, in their cases all three are eyeing a team in Russia.

It seems amazing how all at the same time each of the big four’s collective bargaining agreements ran out and it seems even crazier that three of the four teams have officially locked out their players since last year; only Major League Baseball was able to avoid any sort of a lockout.

Last year it was the NFL and NBA locking out their players as the owners wanted their demands to be met, this year it is the NHL but unlike the other two leagues, this is nothing new to the NHL. The NFL and NBA have had strikes before but not a situation where the owners prevented their own players from playing because they wanted more money in their pockets but for the NHL this is the second time the league has had a lockout in eight years and the last time the owners felt they were not getting a good deal there was no season.

Ovechkin has been very vocal already, saying that he believes that there will be no hockey season in 2012-13 while the owners try to negotiate a new agreement with the players association because the owners demands are simply too great and I sort of have to believe him.

Compare what is going on in the NHL to what happened with the NFL and NBA. In the NBA we saw plenty of players sign contracts to play overseas and that league went on to have a shortened season with a few months missed.

The players generally know what the problems are and how far off the two sides of the discrepancy are and when it is bad it makes sense to find a paycheck somewhere else.

This is not something we saw in the NFL, no players were ready to sign contracts with the UFL or CFL because it seemed pretty obvious that we were not going to miss anything other than the Hall of Fame game last summer.

Hopefully all of these NHL players are smart enough to avoid a situation where they cannot get out of their contracts if the season does start in simply a delayed fashion, unlike some of the NBA players last season.

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