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So Much Sports Hall of Fame


So Much Sports is opening a new Sports Hall of Fame where the best of the best and icons of icons will be remembered forever regardless of what sport or sports they participated in. Every individual sport has there Hall of Fame where the greats are enshrined but there is no place where all the best athletes can be inducted into one place. Everybody knows there is a difference between being one of the greatest in your sport and being one of the greatest athletes of all time and while there are many player worthy of being in there respective Hall of Fames there are always different tiers in them. This is a place for the top tier Hall of Famers. That is who belongs here in the So Much Sports Hall of Fame, the best of the best, regardless of sport, regardless of era, regardless of inclusion or exclusion in any other Hall of Fame.

We at So Much Sports are glad and proud to open the So Much Sports Hall of Fame with our inaugural class of the greatest of greats:

Babe Ruth – Baseball
Michael Jordan – Basketball
Wayne Gretzky – Hockey
Muhammad Ali – Boxing
Johnny Unitas – Football
Jerry Rice – Football
Vince Lombardi – Football
John Wooden – Basketball

To enter the Hall of Fame please click here

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