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No point in best mascot tournament

For a few days I was putting together information and studying sports team mascots with the plan of creating a bracket of the best mascots in sports. The Duke Blue Devil, the Wake Forest Demon Deacon, the New Jersey Devil, the Philly Phanatic, the Syracuse Orange; all of them were going to be a part of this. But then I found out about this other mascot that I did not know existed:

Keggy the Keg


There is no point to this contest, this guy wins.

But here is the kicker: where do you think this guy is the mascot for? We have a beer keg with a hilarious smile here so it is probably some frat boy party school only known for partying right? Nope, it’s Darmouth; one of the most prestigious Ivy League scores in the country has Keggy the Keg as their mascot and to me I think that makes it even more awesome. They used to have some Native American with green war paint and green feathers in it’s hair but after that movement to get rid of Native American mascots the Big Green made a great decision to go with this guy.

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