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Why I cheer at soccer more than any other sport


Maybe it is because I’m a sports journalist and it is frowned upon to cheer at games so I trained myself not to cheer at sporting events.Even though I am a huge sports enthusiast a love watching what ever sport you put in front of me I am kind of a drag to go to a game with because I am so silent. Whether it is a football game, baseball game, basketball game, whatever sporting event may be going on I sit there silently while the people around me jump for joy for ever tackle or hit or made three-pointer. I just sit there and analyse the game. Well except for soccer game. For some reason I get rowdy and have to really watch myself and consciously make sure I don’t yell when something awesome happens. So what is is about soccer that gets me going that other sports just can’t provide? After thinking about it for a while, and by a while I mean a few years, I have finally come up with some seasons as to why soccer is so much more exciting for me.

1. Scoring is not expected so when the ball goes in the goal it is incredibly exciting. When you watch basketball and a player takes a shot it is actually surprising when the ball doesn’t go in. When you watch football and a team throws a ball all over the field you fully expect them to eventually score a touchdown. Maybe I unfairly view baseball, where failure 7-out-of-10 times is successful, but I expect players to get hits. But when I watch soccer I don’t expect there to be a lot of goals, if any, so when a team is pressuring and coming so close to that goal and they finally get it, it is such a point of relief and excitement for the success.

2. When scoring is expected and doesn’t happen it is unreal. How many times have you seen a clean break on goal and the strikers boots it high or wide? Or what about those amazing saves. Think back to the World Cup when Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa stopped that Brazil shot on the line to keep it out, who could a surprise like that not get your blood pumping? Whether a score happens or doesn’t happen the result is usually a shock. When a goalkeeper blocks a penalty kick it is so unbelievable that I get excited when I see it.

3. Scores come out of nowhere. Soccer is a slow-paced methodical game where players time and time again set up their offense but when it breaks down and the opposing team takes possession they go right back to defense. Scoring opportunities in soccer are usually rare but happen very fast. Jermaine Jones’ strike from outside the box against Portugal or Clint Dempsey’s score in 30 seconds against Ghana happened in an instant and if you blinked you missed them.

4. The atmosphere is much more exciting. When actually at a soccer game I just feel more excitement in the air and I think it is because there is a constant flow of motion during the game. There is singing and chanting and cheering all in unison. How many times during a football game or baseball game do you see an entire crowd. Sure you get the entire crowd chanting “defense” at the same time or “Let’s go O’s” at a baseball game. But an entire crowd singing not even the words but the tune of a song at a soccer game is something you’ll never experience anywhere else.

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Corey Johns

Editor in Chief
You could say Corey was born to become a sports journalist. His father won a national championship coaching college soccer. His mother is a baseball fanatic who hasn't missed seeing an Orioles game since 1983 (literally, sometimes it's annoying). His great uncle was a big-time boxing promoter and his maternal grandfather was once a department head at the Baltimore Sun. Basically, sports and journalism run through his blood. He played just about every little league sports there was when he was a kid and was a multi-sport athlete in high school; even playing in the first-ever high school sanction Rugby game in the country. Eventually he retired from sports as an undefeated Maryland state Rugby champion as a high school senior. Perhaps lack of athletic talent has more to do with the retirement, but he will tell you that it more had to do with a great desire to jump right into media. Upon his graduation from University of Maryland, Baltimore County as a triple communications major, Corey started the So Much Sports network and has continued to grow his websites and continues to work to make them premier sports media outlets.

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