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College football playoff reactions

By: Kevin Collins

Meyer Saban

Well, we got the picks right. So now lets take a look at the games we get to watch.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Ohio State Buckeyes
An old SEC coaching matchup. Nick Saban vs. Urban Meyer. Meyer, now at Ohio State will be working with his third string quarterback, Cardale Jones, who in his first career start last night threw for 375 yards and five touchdowns, in a conference championship game, against the 9th best defense in the country. The team that scores the 4th most points (Ohio State) will be matched up against the team that allows the 4th fewest points (Alabama). Amari Cooper will be tough matchup for the Ohio State defense and it will be interesting to see how both coaches attempt to out-scheme the other.

Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks vs. Florida State Seminoles
You’ll read this headline a lot over the coming months, “Last year’s Heisman winner vs. this year’s Heisman winner” Jameis Winston hasn’t had nearly as good of a season as his last, and Marcus Mariota has statistically been the best player this year. Florida State will be looking for ways to shut down Mariota, but with only two interceptions on the whole season, Mariota looks unstoppable. Either way, this will be a great game, with two dual threat quarterbacks.

Those who did not make it:

Baylor Bears
Baylor was better than TCU all year, and they beat them in a head to head matchup, but unfortunately for them, they were not better than the four teams that made it. The Co Big 12 champion title definitely hurt Baylor when the committee looked at them compared to Ohio State, and their out of conference schedule is nowhere near as good as Florida State’s. Baylor just did not have enough to make it to the playoffs this year.

TCU Horned Frogs
An unfortunate fall from grace in the playoff rankings for the Horned Frogs, and one that will have TCU fans wondering why. After a blowout victory against Iowa State, the Horned Frogs dropped from the third spot to the sixth spot. For me, TCU did not deserve to be the three spot and the committee was making up for a bad decision in an earlier week.

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