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Rafael dos Anjos dominates Pettis to win title

Rafael dos Anjos completely dominated Anthony Pettis, a man some believe was the best pound-for-pound fighter in UFC.

Rafael dos Anjos completely dominated Anthony Pettis, a man some believe was the best pound-for-pound fighter in UFC.

There was a belief that Anthony Pettis was not only the most dominant lightweight in the UFC, but the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist around. His 18 victories ere split pretty evenly between submissions and knockouts and he’s even proven he can go the distance in absolute wars.

Pettis is a guy who has beaten the absolute best in the spot. He beat Benson Henderson twice, including a first round submission at UFC 164 to win the title. He beat Donald Cerrone, who is one of the fastest-rising stars of the sport. He defended his title against Gilbert Melendez with a rear-naked choke.

But he was no match for Rafael dos Anjos. The Brazilian completely dominated his five-round fight against Pettis. Ever referee scored it 50-45. It was not only a unanimous decision, it was a unanimous fight. He had the perfect plan to fight Pettis and just dominated him.

Now, dos Anjos is the lightweight champion and his 13th UFC lightweight division victories moves him into a tie for third on the all-time wins list.

He opened up a cut over Pettis’ eye. He nearly made him submit with a kimura and a rear-naked choe in the fourth round. He never allowed maybe the best offensive fighter in the UFC to get going and kept him off his feel. Through five round, dos Anjos landed 144 strikes, Pettis landed only 96.

And it turns out he did all of this with an injured knee. Apparently, two weeks ago, he injured his MCL.

He will fight the winner of the May 23 fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Donald Cerrone.

Jedrejczyk wins women’s strawweight title

The newest division in the UFC is already showing it can be incredibly competitive. Carla Esparza won the first ever UFC women’s strawweight title in December but dropped it after being knocked out in the second by the polish star Joanna Jedrzejczyk in the second round.

It was Esparza’s first loss since June 2011. Jedrzejczyk kept the offense at a high pace and never allowed her opponent to make good on her takedown attempts.

Johny Hendricks is still a star

Bigg Rigg has gotten a raw deal lately. In Nov. 2013, he lost a very controversial split decision as was able George St. Pierre retire as Welterweight Champion. Then after beating Robbie Lawler by unanimous decision to claim the vacant belt that should have been his to begin with, Lawler was issued a rematch. Once again, Johny Hendricks lost another controversial split decision. It was his second loss in three fights and should have been his ninth-straight victory.

He proved against Matt Brown that he is still the cream of the crop in the Welterweight division. Brown was never allowed to get going and Hendricks just dominated him on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

Alistair Overeem overwhelms Roy Nelson

The veteran Alistair Overeem looked to be in tremendous shape as he took on Roy “Big Country” Nelson and it wasn’t just by comparison. He was so smooth and just executed his gameplan to perfection. He used his right kick to keep the distance and just wore out Nelson’s leg to such a point that it collapsed under him at one moment.

And it set up his left kick to completely batter the right side of Nelson’s body. Overeem was put up against the cage a few times but Nelson was never able to land a barrage of heavy head shots due to “The Reem’s” defense.

Henry Cejudo stays unbeaten

It wasn’t long ago that Chris Cariaso was fighting Demetrious Johnson for the title but Henry Cejudo continued his rapid assent in the flyweight division with a unanimous decision victory over him.

Cariaso’s kicks and punches just didn’t seem to phase Cedujo at all. The Olympic gold medal winning wrestler kept coming forward and actually showed great standup skill in the Octagon.

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