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NCAA Tournament: Final Four Picks

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Wisconsin Badgers

Kentucky has earned their 38-0 record but Wisconsin has earned their spot in the Final Four as well. This season, Kentucky hasn’t faced a team like Wisconsin, with as many skilled big men as the Badgers have. Plus, what makes it even more interesting is that while Kentucky might be the best team, Frank Kaminsky is absolutely the best player in this game and doesn’t have a shabby supporting cast either. The way Kaminsky moves around the floor with the ball and the way he can shoot and slash inside with his 7-foot frame makes for a mismatch for every player. Willie Cauley-Stein will have his hands full going against Frank “the Tank”. And he isn’t the only skilled big man Wisconsin has. Sam Dekker is a 6-foot-9, threat from outside, as is 6-foot-7 Nigel Hayes. Wisconsin spreads the floor well with their 3-point shooting ability and it opens up wide lanes for their offense.

But Kentucky definitely has the skilled big men to handle the Badgers. Cauley-Stein is the best defensive player in the country and even their guards are 6-foot-6. Offensively, Karl-Anthony Towns is a beast, capable of bulldozing his way to the rim while Dakari Johnson is just a huge defensive force in the middle of the floor. With that trio inside and a plethora of skilled guards and the Wildcats being oh so close to greatness, don’t count on an upset.

Pick: Kentucky Wildcats

Duke Blue Devils vs. Michigan State Spartans

Wisconsin may have the best player in the country and Kentucky might be the most talented team but Duke has the future No. 1 overall draft pick in Jahlil Okafor. The monster freshman inside uses his size and strength to simply overpower his opponents but he is also a very skilled and polished offensive player. Which is a theme for Duke. That team can really score, averaging 80 points per game this season. And Okafor isn’t alone. Quinn Cook is a nasty 3-point shooter while Justise Winslow, Tyus Jones and Matt Jones draw the opposing defense out to the perimeter on a regular basis to clear out the paint to give both Okafor and Amile Jefferson room to work.

Stopping that inside game is what is going to be tough for the Spartans. As well coaches of a team as they are and as incredible they have been on their Final Four run, they just don’t have the skill to compete inside for a 40-minute game. That is not a slight to Matt Costello or Gavin Schilling, it is just a reality for two guys who only averaged a combined 7.2 points and 9.1 rebounds per game. The Spartans have a star in Travis Trice but he is an small point guard who will be challenged against great length by Duke’s defenders.

Pick: Duke Blue Devils

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