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Rockhold and Souza shine on Saturday night

Luke Rockhold made a strong case to jump Jacare Souza in the middleweight rankings with a dominant win over Lyoto Machida.

Luke Rockhold made a strong case to jump Jacare Souza in the middleweight rankings with a dominant win over Lyoto Machida.

There will be plenty of debate whether it should be Luke Rockhold or Jacare Souza to get the next shot at the middleweight championships after the scheduled bout between current champion Chris Weideman and his opponent Vitor Belfort.

Going into Saturday night, Souza was actually ranked as the No. 1 contender even despite Belfort getting shot at the title on May 23 and he certainly showed his dominance after earning a quick first round submission via armbar in less than three minutes against Chris Camozzi. Souza was never in trouble in the fight, got the takedown and quickly ended the night of his horribly over-matched opponent.

But Rockhold earned an incredibly impressive victory over a much strong opponent. Rockhold was ranked No. 4 in the class below the champion and beat No. 2 Lyoto Machida in the second round with a rear-naked choke. And it was just a dominant performance.

Machida is one of the greats in UFC never took control. Actually, the official stats gave him only a single second of control in the fight that lasted 4:31. Rockhold landed 39 strikes to Machida’s 19 and 10 more significant strikes. Machida was unable to get a single takedown or submission attempt. Rockstar-Rockhold controled the fight from the very beginning and never let up.

One of those two fighters should be next in line. If Belfort beats Weidman, they may be forced to fight each other while they wait until after the rematch but if Weidman stays undefeated with a victory over Belfort then Dana White is going to have a very tough decision to make. Souza should probably get the fight, but Rockhold is definitely ready and deserves his chance sooner rather than later.

Another incredible performance came from the perennial underdog Max Holloway, who earned a Guillotine Choke submission victory in the third round over Cub Swanson. The feisty featherweight went into the fight ranked No. 9, below Swanson ranked at No. 5. But 1:01 into the third round, Holloway got the victory. And it wasn’t just a lucky victory either. Holloway had 86 strikes to Swanson’s 58 and 82 of his landed strikes were significant.

Paige VanZant dominated her match and should jump up the rankings.

Paige VanZant dominated her match and should jump up the rankings.

That is typical of Hollway as he has one of the highest significant strike rates in UFC history but Swanson has always been one of the toughest fighters around but Holloway’s speed and striking ability was just too much for him. Holloway also had three submission attempts and Swanson failed on all three of his takedown attempts.

In the big women’s fight of the night, Paige VanZant proved she was legitimate with a dominant unanimous decision over Felice Herrig. Officially, VanZant was credited with 199 total strikes off 241 attempts. She also got two take downs in the fight. Herrig, it wasn’t as easy. She landed only 44 strikes and failed to deliver one her four takedown attempts. VanZant just mauled Herrig with her speed and should really jump up the women’s strawweight rankings with the victory.

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