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Papelbon’s addition is a risky endeavor

Drew Storen is one of the main reasons why the Nationals are as successful as they are. Demoting him for a new player does not seem like the most logical thing to do.

Drew Storen is one of the main reasons why the Nationals are as successful as they are. Demoting him for a new player does not seem like the most logical thing to do.

On the surface of it, adding Jonathan Papelbon to the end of a bullpen with Drew Storen looks great. The Kansas City Royals used a dominant bullpen to shorten games to get to the World Series. The Nationals are trying to do that.

The way they are doing it, however, it not very good.

Storen, the Nationals closer who has converted 29 of 31 save opportunities with a 1.73 ERA, will be demoted to setup man so Papelbon can take over. That is not a very nice way to treat a guy who has been a more than reliable option and core guy in the locker room for the past six years.

Last year, the Oakland Athletics learned the hard way that adding good players is not worth changing the dynamic of a successful team.

The Nationals are good and have been a staple at the top of the NL East for quite a few years for a reason. Storen has been one of the reasons why and a big reason why the team is 52-46 at this very moment, but now he is being demoted and in a way disrespected by the franchise.

Maybe Papelbon comes in and shuts everybody down and helps the Nationals win a World Series, but that was what the Athletics were hoping when they got Jon Lester, Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. It does not always work out and the main reason big trades do not work out is because the team’s chemistry changes. Storen is clearly not happen with the trade. Perhaps is Papelbon were going to be the setup man it would be a better move.

And is it not like the bullpen was desperate for help either. Casey Jenssen has been a very reliable setup man with a 2.95 ERA. Matt Thornton has been even better with a 1.85 ERA. Aaron Barrett has 10 holds and 32 strikeouts in 26.1 innings pitched.

What the team really needs is another starter, a first baseman or another outfielder. They did not need to take the huge risk of altering the most successful part of their team.

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