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Teixeira dominates Saint Preux in Nashville


Ovince Saint Preux got the highly-ranked light heavyweight opponent he needed in the place he wanted to put his name in the title scene but veteran Glover Teixeira spoiled his homecoming with a dominant victory a third-round finish for the Tennessee native, fighting in the UFC event in Nashville.

From the start of the fight Teixeira found opening to land hard punched and took the former Tennessee Volunteers linebacker, who walked out to the school’s fight song, to the ground five times. Saint Preux looked out of his league and regularly made the mistake of giving his back up to the Jui-Jitsui black belt.

In the third round, it finally ended his night.

Teixeira sunk in a rear-naked choke. To Saint Preux’ credit, he did not tap out. He passed out. Teixeira was very worried after his opponent did not move following the release of his hold but once Saint Preux started to move his legs around the Brazilian’s worry turned into celebration.

Coming off back-to-back losses to Jon Jones and Phil Davis, Teixeira needed a big victory to remain in the title hunt. He did just that but dominating the No. 6 fighter for three rounds in his home state.

The only offensive surge Saint Preux has was in the first round after the fight was halted after an accidental low-blow to Teixeira. Saint Preux stormed across the canvas and tagged Teixeira and sent him to the ground but the Brazilian got out of the trouble and wore Saint Preux down.

But the third round Saint Preux was hanging on the cage before things to underway, and was breathing very heavy. He was worn out already and it did not take long for his night to end in disappointment after that.

Dariush wins controversial split decision over Johnson

Beneil Dariush earned the greatest victory of his MMA career as he beat No. 5 lightweight Michael Johnson but the split decision comes with great controversy. Statistically, Johnson has more total strikes and most significant strikes landed but Johnson also controlled the fight.

Johnson was more active and far more aggressive in his activity. The only area Dariush showed more aggression was in take down attempts but Johnson stuffed all seven of them.

He dictated the fight but ultimately only one referee scored it 29-28 in his favor with the other two giving the same score to Dariush.

A rematch may be likely for the two. It was a very evenly matched fight and neither could quite figure out their opponent but the controversial decision will certainly leave Johnson wanting revenge and may leave Dariush still feeling he needs to prove himself.

Derek Brunson stops Sam Alvey in the first

Mario Yamasaki may have stopped the fight a bit early but it was a perfectly acceptable stoppage, despite the harsh boos of the crowd and the displeasure of “Smile’n” Sam Alvey.

In just 1:28, Brunson landed 53 strikes to Alvey’s six. Brunson has his opponent wobbling on his legs after a vicious assault for the near 90 seconds. There was a good 40 seconds where Alvey was just taking punches and not accurately defending. More hard shots sent Alvey to the mat and after two punched to the head the fight was stopped.

Alvey was very upset with the call because he did defend the second punch while he was on the mat but Yamasaki has no choice. He took too much of a beating before and he showed no signs of getting out of the heavy hammer-fist that were going to continue coming.

Alvey came in with tremendous momentum coming off three first round knockouts but 15th-ranked Brunson most definitely moved himself up the middleweight rankings with his third-straight victory and second-straight first round knockout.

Jared Rosholt wins snoozer over Tim Johnson

Statistically, Timothy Johnson won the fight but there is so much more than statistics in mixed martial arts.

Johnson landed way more strikes and attempted far more as well. He had bigger shots and more takedowns. But Rosholt controlled him for a lot more time in the three-rounder. Johnson’s attacks mostly came after Herb Dean regularly forced the two heavyweights to stand up in the middle of the ring.

Most of the fight consisted of the two holding each other up against the cage with minimal activity happening and almost no damage being done other than wearing each other out.

Amanda Nunes sets up title shot with tapout of McMann

A counter right hook following a missed roundhouse kick set Amanda Nunes up for the biggest win of her career that will likely earn her a title shot.

Nunes rocked McMann in the first round and a few more punched sent the former title contender to the mat. Nunes got her back, sunk in a rear-naked choke an got the submission in just 2:53 of the first round.

It was the result UFC needed.

McMann is certainly talented and worthy of another title shot but was already dominated by Ronda Rousey and was coming off a majority decision loss to Miesha Tate. A win probably would not have gotten her another title shot anyway, just further muddled the division below the champion.

But now, with Nunes beating No. 4 McMann and four of her last fight fights she is going to get her first attempt at Rousey’s title. Though it is still hard to believe she could actually win.

Borg dominates Herrera for three rounds

Geane Herrera is a fighter. He could have given up a bunch of time in his UFC debut but he battled and scrapped and continued to fight. He just could not to anything against the No. 13 flyweight Ray Borg.

After the victory Borg did not call out champion Demetrious Johnson but did say he better learn who he is because he’s going to do everything he can to continue to rise up the division rankings to eventually earn a title shot.

Borg more than tripled Herrera’s significant strikes and picked him up and slammed him down three times. He also attempted two submissions, though Herrera, who won his first eight professional fights, showed incredible toughness in his UFC debut.

Uriah Hall earns quick knockout of Oluwale Bamgbose

It Oluwale Bamgbose would have simply put his hand next to his head while he was on the mat trying to get out from under Uriah Hall the fight would not have been stopped but the UFC new-comer was not defending himself and Herb Dean had to call the fight.

Bamgbose was very upset but the loss was entirely his fault. To his credit, he was very aggressive and did out-strike Hall in his UFC debut but the rookie mistake cos him after he was taken to the canvas.

With the win, Hall earned his fourth win in five fights, bouncing back from a split decision loss to Rafael Natal at UFC 187 in May.

Jonathan Wilson makes name for himself in UFC debut

A straight left through Chris Dempsey’s guard ended it right away.

Jonathan Wilson came into the UFC undefeated with six-straight wins at smaller promotions but showed incredible knockout power against a guy who has shown he can take a punch.

Six of Wilson’s seven career victory have been by way of knockout. Learn who this light heavyweight it.

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