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Mighty Mouse shuts Dodson down to retain title

Demetrious Johnson

John Dodson learned the hard way that you should never give Demetrious Johnson extra reason to go out and beat you in a fight. Dodson had a lot to say heading into his second fight against the flyweight champion but was never even close to gaining a victory.

Johnson landed 186 strikes and 94 significant attacks while completely shutting Dodson down in their second clash. Dodson has more power than Johnson and he has more speed, but Johnson proved to have more skill. Though Dodson was able to display his takedown defense, stopping eight attempts by Might Mouse, he was also taken down four times, completely winded by the third round and never had a shot to win once Johnson got in his rhythm.

Arlovski beats Mir in lack-luster fight

Andrei Arlovski

Far too often the hype is greater than the fight. Andrei Arlovski and Frank Mir both went into their fight against each other storming back up the heavyweight rankings with their careers going through a resurgence. With Arlovski coming off an absolute slugfest against Travis Browne and Mir coming off back-to-back first round knockout victories, this was supposed to be a war, but instead, it looked like a fight between two old fighters trying not to lose instead of trying to win.

Arlovski was disappointed after his unanimous decision victories and said it was because he allowed the fight to go the distance. He also could have been disappointed because a unanimous decision victory was not a good result. The fight was very close. Arlovski was a bit busier with his punches and kicks but Mir used his size and strength as a big advantage on the ground.

But regardless of whether he deserved his sixth-straight win by unanimous decision or not, Arlovski should not earn a title shot off that performance.

Rumble’s power still proves devastating against Manuwa

Anthony Johnson

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson was searching for redemption after his disappointing performance against Daniel Cormier for the Light Heavyweight title and he got it as he recorded a second-round knockout of Jimi Manuwa, who was searching for the biggest win of his career to put himself in the upper-echelon of the division.

Johnson showed his incredible power from the very beginning of the fight and in the second round he landed a hard left kick to Manuwa’s side and came back with a devastating over-hand right that set Manuwa down and out.

One punch, that is all it takes for Johnson to claim victory against opponents. He did show much improved wrestling after a first-round take down of Manuwa but in the end he finished it the best way he knows how, with a knockout.

Anderson cruises to decision over Blachowicz

Corey Anderson

It was a very bad performance by Jan Blachowicz in his opportunity to make a name for himself. Corey Anderson controlled the fight from beginning to end and left no doubt in his decision.

Anderson out-struck Blachowicz 156-33 and out-landd significant strikes 84-20. At the end of the fight, Blachowicz remained on the mat well after the final bell trying to catch his breath. His endurance just was not there.

The only negative part of Anderson’s fight was that he did not finish Blachowicz on his own. That may speak more Blachowicz, but he is going to drop from the divisions rankings after that performance.

VanZant dominates Chambers and stops her with armbar

Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant is an animal. The 21-year-old improved to 6-1 in her young MMA career an 4-0 in her UFC career with a third-round arm-bar submission of Alex Chambers.

The fight was not even close. VanZant out-struck Chambers 165-66 and landed 73 significant fighters to her opponents 30. Most impressively, VanZant took Chambers down three times in the fight and controlled the fight from beginning to end.

In the final round, even though the decision would have been clear, VanZant finished things on her own, wrapped up Chambers arm and got the submission victory.

Lineker stops Rivera in first round of slugfest

John Lineker

there were 100 punches throwing in just 2:08 between John Lineker and Francisco Rivera on the undercard of UFC 191. Lineker’s Bantamweight debut could not have gone any better. The two guys stood up against the cage and Lineker just pummeled his opponent with heavy fists. Rivera was able to bust off a few hard hooks of his own but Lineker not only showed off his hands of stone but also his chin of stone.

He never seemed hurt by Rivera’s desperation haymakers and finally sent him to the mat. Lineker was throwing at the side of Rivera’s head while draped over the curled up opponents back but finished it pretty quick when he reserved their positions and sunk in guillotine choke.

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