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GGG stops Lemieux in impressive fashion

Gennady Golovkin out-classed a world-class opponent to become boxing's biggest star

Gennady Golovkin out-classed a world-class opponent to become boxing’s biggest star

In a boxing world without Floyd Mayweather, Gennady Golovkin took the mantle as the best pound-for-pound fighter and most must-see prize fighter there is with a dominant victory over David Lemieux. A barrage of punches that thew Lemieux staggering back into the corner handed Golovkin his 21st-straight knockout as referee Steve Willis stepped in and waved for the final bell.

Lemieux absolutely earned his fight against Golovkin with nine-straight victories brought on by aggressiveness and power, but Golovkin proved to be on a completely different level. Golovkin proved he was not just a powerful fighter but a great boxer. He executed his gameplan perfectly and dominated the night not just with his power that left Lemieux’ nose likely broken and his eye with a knot below it, but with his jab.

Golovkin never allowed Lemieux the opportunity to get close enough to him to do any damage as he landed 170 of his 359 jabs. He thew jabs early as such a rate that was five time more than the middleweight average. Lemieux seemed lost trying to attack Golovkin. He landed only 89 punches the entire fight. Golovkin landed 280.

Lemieux tagged Golovkin with a few power shots, but was unable to follow it up with anything that put him any sort of remote danger.

Of course, Golovkin was supposed to win this fight but he made the biggest test of his career look easy. Lemieux is still one of the best in the division but Golovkin now holds the IBF, IBO and interim WBC Middleweight titles as well as the WBA Super Middleweight title. Still, he is on a mission to collect more belts.

The only logical next fight would be for Golovkin to take on the winner of the upcoming Canelo Alvarez – Miguel Cotto fight. It would be way too big of a payday for any of the fighters to ignore and it would add the real WBC middleweight title into the mix.

If Golovkin does indeed take the reigns as the next poster boy and cash cow of boxing, he will probably be less polarizing than Mayweather as well. He is far less outspoken and he does fight with a more exciting style to the casual fans than the defensive Rembrandt Mayweather. People like knockouts and Golovkin gives them, even against the elite middleweights in the world like Lemieux.

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