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Cousins is a mirage, not a great

DeMarcus Cousins is clearly talented but he's not the best big man in the NBA.

DeMarcus Cousins is clearly talented but he’s not the best big man in the NBA.

First thing’s first — DeMarcus Cousins is not the best big man in the NBA. He’s very good, but if he was the best there is no way the Kings would have never even hit 30 wins since drafting him in 2010.

Since drafting Cousins, the Kings have gone 135-270 and through four coaches and are probably getting rid of their latest George Karl.

The riff between Karl and Cousins has created an impossible situation since day one and the organization keeps taking Cousins’ side because they feel he is one of the very best players in the NBA. It’s just insanity.

The Kings brought Karl in to turn the Kings around and to create a winning culture, but when he tries to discipline the 25-year-old Cousins, who has had major issues with pretty much every coach he has ever had, ownership told Karl he could not suspend him. So much for helping the coach change the culture.

Cousins is a walking double-double, averaging over 20 points and 10 rebounds the past three seasons. Now that he’s implemented a 3-point shot in his arsenal, he is constantly defended by different pundits and fans and cited as the best big men in the league.

Basketball is the only sport that one great player can make a difference. LeBron James led a bad supporting cast in Cleveland to the NBA Finals last year. Anthony Davis led the Pelicans to the playoffs with nothing else around him. The Kings would have to be better than they are if Cousins was actually the best big man in the league. Wouldn’t they?

You can’t just look at his stats to justify that claim either. It has been proven in basketball that any player can have huge numbers purely by how the offense runs their offense. Offensive production is about minutes and touches. The Kings run their offense through Cousins, of course he is going to get enough shots every game to average over 20 points.

Yes, it takes skill too, but Chris Bosh and Monta Ellis were huge scorers. Rudy Gay, a Kings cast off, averaged big numbers. Kevin Martin was a big scorer. Carlos Boozer was a huge scorer. None of those guys would ever actually be considered elite players but their offense helped them put up numbers.

The same thing is happening in Sacramento. Don’t be blind to it. Cousins is certainly a talented player but he’s not the best big man in the league and there is no reason the Kings should continue to support him the way they do. It just shows how dysfunctional the Kings are.

Blake Griffin has led the Los Angeles Clippers to heights they have never been through before. Davis is single-handedly leading the Pelicans to the playoffs right now. If you want to look for the best big man in basketball, look at one of those two guys.

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