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Holm won’t be scared of Rousey, UFC 193 preview

The way Ronda Rousey has dominated her opponents it is hard to believe she can lose.

The way Ronda Rousey has dominated her opponents it is hard to believe she can lose.

It’s almost impossible to even think about the possibility that Ronday Rousey could lose a fight. Every single person Dana White has thrown as her has done the same thing, gone down in a quick blaze.

Rousey’s last three opponents have lasted only 64 seconds combined. Her last four, just one minute and eight seconds total. What makes her so dangerous is that she is not even relying on just the armbar anymore. Three of Rousey’s last four fights have been knockout wins. He flipped both Bethe Correia and Alexis Davis over and pummeled them with punches to the face. He destroyed McMann with a knee to the body.

So does Holly Holm actually have much of a chance against Rousey at UFC 193? Las Vegas certainly sees her as the massive underdog and generally, the MMA fans aren’t considering her too much of a threat. But he should be taken seriously.

Holm is unlike any fighter Rousey has faces in the Octagon, and while she has not exactly dominated either of her two opponents since entering the UFC, the 9-0 Holm is actually better than Rousey at something.

The moment will not be too much for Holly Holm. She's fought in plenty of big, high-pressure fights before.

The moment will not be too much for Holly Holm. She’s fought in plenty of big, high-pressure fights before.

Rousey might be better at everything else, but Holm is the better striker. After all, we’re talking about the woman who is going to go down as both the greatest female boxer and kick boxer in history. Rousey uses her strength to flip opponents over with Judo throws, but she is a wild striker. She only landed 19 of 32 strikes against Bethe Correia and while her short fight got bring up her strikes landed rate to 5.24 per minute, he’s only landed landed 20.2-percent of her strikes when standing up. Holm landed 84.4-percent when standing at a distance and Holm spends most of her fights standing. Rousey clearly wants to used her Judo to sent her opponent to the mat. Holm has spent almost all of her time her first two fights on the feet and will more than likely keep distance by using chopping kicks and jabs.

Holm is also very good defensively. Opponents have landed just 30.8-percent of their strike attempts on Holm through two fights. The UFC average for women bantamweights is 42-percent landed against. Rousey might not allow herself to get hit often, but opponents land 53.6-percent of their strikes againt her. Against an active puncher like Holm, that would be a beating.

Plus, Holm has plenty of big fight experience.

It was very obvious that Cat Zingano had not clue how to handle a big fight against Rousey after she ran in completely uncomposed with her arm out, just inviting Rousey to grab a hold and force a quick tap. That is kind of what happened to Davis too when she ran into a judo slam before having her face pounded in with a flurry of punches. But Holm won’t do that. Holm knows how to prepare for big fights and knows how to fight in big fights against the best around so there is a slim chance she’ll rush in and create an opening for Rousey to end it quickly.

While Miesha Tate did once take Rousey into the third round, showing stamina will not be an issue for the champion, Holm is the type of fighter who can methodically go about things, creating distance and peppering her opponent with simple hits. Could that frustrate Rousey? Maybe, but we’ll have to see it first because there really is no reason to pick against Rousey right now as he very well might be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC by a pretty wide margin. But Holm certainly will not care and will not be distracted by the bright lights or the fighter standing across the mat. She is something unlike Rousey has ever faced before.

Whether it is Rousey or Holm who walks out of Etihad Stadium in the first-ever UFC event in Australia, it will be a great night for women’s MMA.

Rousey and Holm will be headlining but the co-main event will be Joanna Jedrzejczyk defending her strawweight belt against Valerie Letourneau.

As dominant as Ronda Rousey has been, strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk is an even bigger favorite to win her fight at UFC 193.

As dominant as Ronda Rousey has been, strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk is an even bigger favorite to win her fight at UFC 193.

The undefeated champion successful defended her belt against Jessica Penne as the headliner of UFC Fight Night in June after beating Carla Esparza for the belt at UFC 185 to become just the second-ever title holder. She is a grinder who usually goes the distance in her fights, but she has picked up the intensity and has knock out her last two opponents and left them both looking completely battered. Jedrzejczyk landers 4.9 strikes per minute, well above her division average, is quite accurate and he is great defensively.

If there is anything we know about Letourneau it is that she can take a punch, absorbing 3.73 per minute, but she is even more of a massive underdog as the challenger than Holm is going against Rousey. Letourneau has won her last four fights, including all three of her fights in the UFC, but will be without her longtime cornerman Hector Lombard, who is currently suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for a positive steroid test. Letourneau does have experience against top competition, setting into the ring against Sarah Kaufman, Davis and Glaudia Gadelha, but all three were losses. Letourneau was only given the fight over Gadelha because her schedule fit in better to have Jedrzejczyk co-main event with Rousey and baring a shocking upset, there probably won’t be a title change.

Also on the undercard is a rematch between Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva. Those two engaged in a five-round slugfest in 2013 that earned fight of the night after ending in a majority draw. Both heavyweight went at it and this will settle things for both guys who have been sliding lately. Hunt was stopped by both Fabricio Werdum and Stipe Miocic over the last year. Silva earned his first win in over two years in August when he beat Soa Palelei. Both have dramatically slid down the rankings but a win would still keep either guy very relevant in the heavyweight division.

“Primetime” Uriah Hall looks to continue on his role. The former Ultimate Fighter finalist has won five of his last seven fights and is coming off a very impressive win over Gegard Mousasi. A win over Robert Whittaker could get his name thrown into the big log-jam of middleweight title contenders but at the same time Whittaker is looking for a notable win on hie record. He is coming off three-straight wins.

Then there is Stefan Struve and Jared Rosholt set to fight in a heavyweight bout. Rosholt is coming off a very boring performance against Timothy Johnson at UFC Fight Night 73 but is quickly rising up the rankings. Sturve just earned a unanimous decision over “Minotauro” Nogueira, making the all-time great look bad at times, but he still have to continue to dig himself out of the hole he put himself into after being knocked out by both Alistair Overeem and Mark Hunt. It if very likely we see the winner of Struve-Rosholt fight the winner of Hunt-Silva.

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