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Week 11 Playoff and Heisman Watch

1. Clemson Tigers (10-0)

Last Week: W – @ Syracuse – 37-27


Clemson’s defense looked a tad suspect but the Clemson Tigers are the best team in the country. Deshaun Watson has a marvelous performance with 360 passing yards, 105 rushing yards and three total touchdowns. Neither Wake Forest nor South Carolina looks like a threat to the Tigers. North Carolina might be a threat but the Tigers still seem much more advanced.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (9-1)

Last Week: W – @ Mississippi State – 31-6


Alabama has done an incredible job obliterating their competition since their loss to Ole Miss. They are clearly worthy of a playoff spot, but while they have a cupcake next week in Charleston Southern, watch out for the always dangerous Auburn Tigers in two weeks. The Crimson Tide can’t get caught in that one.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes (10-0)

Last Week: W – @ Illinois – 28-3

Ohio State

There is nothing that special about a win over Illinois, but the Buckeyes are still a great team. Ezekiel Elliott is having a magnificent season and is one of two great running backs to close in on Leonard Fournette. Despite the quarterback juggling, the Buckeyes keep winning.

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9-1)

Last Week: W – Wake Forest – 28-7

Notre Dame

Wake Forest is nothing special but the way Notre Dame keeps winning these games is impressive. Wake Forest had no way to get anything going against the Fighting Irish. Notre Dame is a very, very dangerous team with their long loss coming on the road at Clemson while having to deal with an injury to their quarterback.

Rose Bowl: Iowa Hawkeyes (10-0) vs. Stanford Cardinal (8-2)

The Hawkeyes just keep winning and to be completely honest, they have a better resume to this point. Ohio State still has Michigan State and Michigan to play, but Iowa keeps winning and looks like they’ll be undefeated in the Big Ten Championship game. Stanford lost and with that loss their hopes of a spot in the playoffs is gone, but a Pac 12 team has to be in the Rose Bowl and they still are the best in the conference, especially after Utah’s loss as well.

Sugar Bowl: Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-0) vs. Florida Gators (9-1)

The next two weeks are loaded with great Big 12 games and the Cowboys, Sooners, Bears and TCU will all be fighting for a potential spot in the playoffs, but at the very least the Big 12 spot in the Sugar Bowl. Oklahoma State is undefeated right now and gets it but has games against Baylor and Oklahoma coming up. With LSU’s stunning loss for a second week in a row, Florida is the clear SEC team for the Sugar Bowl. Jim McElwain has done an incredible turning things around in Gainsville after what Will Muschamp left.

Fiesta Bowl: Baylor Bears (8-1) vs. Houston Cougars (10-0)

How can Baylor be the second Big 12 representative after losing to Oklahoma at home? Oklahoma still had a bad loss to Texas and Baylor isn’t going to fall that far after this loss. They have two huge opportunities to get big wins at Oklahoma State and at TCU the next two weeks. Wins would be huge for them. But wouldn’t it be an incredible offensive battle between them and the Houston Cougars? That might be the first team to score 100 wins.

Peach Bowl: Navy Midshipmen (8-1) vs. Michigan State Spartans (9-1)

Alright, alright, alright, the loser of Houston and Navy isn’t going to be in a selected bowl game and these are projections, not picks on current standings, so more than likely either Navy or Houston will be replaced by the North Carolina Tarheels, but Navy can’t drop after their bye week and not losing can they? They are still a very good team with an incredible strength of schedule. It was more Houston jumping the Tar Heels and Navy stays in and gets this spot against a great Michigan State team that rebounded from their loss with an obliteration of Maryland.

Heisman Watch

Derrick HenryDerrick Henry – RB, Alabama

1,458 Rushing Yards (6.1 YPC), 19 Rushing TDs

Leonard Fournette – RB, LSU

1,474 Rushing Yards (6.9 YPC), 17 Rushing TDs

Ezekiel Elliott – RB, Ohio State

1,425 Rushing Yards (6.5 YPC), 16 Rushing TDs

Trevone Boykin – QB, TCU

239/363 (65.8%), 3,427 Passing Yards, 29 Passing TDs, 9 INTs, 596 Rushing Yards (5.5 YPC), 8 Rushing TDs

Deshaun Watson – QB, Clemson

216/308 (70.1%), 2,593 Passing Yards, 23 Passing TDs, 8 INTs, 598 Rushing Yards (5.5 YPC), 5 Rushing TDs

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