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Know the “Dab” before you do it

By: Damon Sloan

We see so many new trends and popular fads being created for the public to gather behind and sports is no different. The most noticeable trend that seems to catch fire quickly is a dance that is invented from a musician who makes a song named after it. From Soulja Boy’s famous “Crank Dat” to the “Nae Nae”, all of these are instant trendsetters, especially when you see your favorite athlete doing it. For years, sports and music have been cohesive in hyping games and promoting events like the halftime show or a touchdown celebration. Kids see an athlete do a famous dance and quickly try to emulate their hero so they can feel a part of the ride.

Another prime dance has hit the wave, “The Dab” a song performed by the highly popular rap group Migos and their dance is rehearsed by millions across the nation. But what does this word mean and what does the dance mean?

The Dab is a simple dance that consists of you putting your arm to your mouth in the same rhythm with the beat of course. There are many spoofs to the dance on YouTube, but the origins of the word go much “higher.” Dabbing is the purest form of Marijuana. When you start to cough you put your arm to your mouth to cover it when you are exhaling the smoke, thus the Dab-motion is born and the dance becomes a big hit.

Now that kids have seen their beloved heroes like Cam Newton and LeBron James dabbing in their games, they want to be a part of the trend as well. But the problem is is that these kids do not know what this dance really represents and the stars of these sports are showcasing it live on national television.

Is it their fault? No, they are paid athletes that are promoting their persona. Is it Migos’ fault for writing the song and making the dance? No. This there job to write songs that can become trendsetters in the world of music. The real problem is the parents that allow their kids to perform a notion that involves drugs and not advise their children about it.

Young kids are seen doing the dab, who’s to say their influence will lead them to actually try marijuana at such a young age and their parents actually think that the dance is just a social trend. This is not telling you to stop your kids from watching Newton, he’s a great role model and he led the Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 record. Same with James, who may be the greatest basketball player to grace the NBA. Tell your kids to watch them and look up to them, but parents should be more knowledgeable of what popular trends their kids are involved in, so that they are not surprised when they learn their child has been Dabbing since he was in pre-school.

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Damon Sloan

Staff Writer
Damon Has been an athlete his entire life. He started playing basketball when he was three-years-old and played competitively all the way through his high school years. He had a chance to pursue a collegiate basketball career but chose to focus on getting his education. Damon knew he wanted to be around sports and he was always interested in knowing statistics about players and could separate the good players from the bad. Growing up his mother called him the "stat king" because he could tell you any statistic about any player. Damon wants to be versatile in writing not just for basketball, but for football, boxing, and mixed martial arts. One thing that may separate Damon from other journalists is that he isn't just knowledgeable about basketball, but he played at a high level for years and still continues to play today, which helps him mold his knowledge of the game.
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