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The winning Cavs fire coach David Blatt

By: Myles Nelson

David Blatt was 80-43 as the coach of the Cavaliers but was fired midway through his second season.

David Blatt was 80-43 as the coach of the Cavaliers but was fired midway through his second season.

David Blatt led the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA finals last year, had them with the best record in the Eastern Conference so far this year and in 123 games went an astounding 80-43. And none of that mattered. He was fired.

Blatt possessed a gift and a curse with LeBron James on his team. It’s a gift because at the very worst he is a top five player in he league so his talent alone leads a team to a lot of wins. It’s a curse because when that James-led team under-performs, all eyes are on the coach.

In this case the team was not even under-performing, but it would not be unreasonable to think that Blatt’s firing has something to do with the big loss they suffered to the Golden State Warriors on Monday night. The Cavs were blown out 132-98 by a much better team, but that is not Blatt’s fault. The team simply had a bad game and the organization made a bad decision firing the coach. The Golden State Warriors have very few flaws; the Cavs have many in their top-heavy roster.

Typically, having James covers those flaws, but not against a team like the Warriors. Having Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on the court certainly help the team’s offense, but they hurt them on the defensive end. When playing a high-powered offense like the Warriors, a team cannot have defensive liabilities needing to play major minutes. Irving cannot guard Stephen Curry and Love cannot stop Draymond Green.

You could blame Blatt for not scheming up something to stop them, but no other coach in the NBA has been able to either. It is highly unlikely that new coach Tyronn Lue, who was promoted to head coach after Blatt’s firing and given a three-year contract, will fare much better if the two teams play again.

On the other hand, one advantage Lue might have over Blatt is that he does have a great relationship with the players. Lue did not have a decorated career, but he did play for 11 years and can relate to players. Blatt’s biggest fault was not having the support of his players. It was also rumored that James and his agent Rich Paul have been advocated of Lue since last season. But reports also say that James was not consulted before Blatt was fired. Cavs general manager said “LeBron James doesn’t run this organization.”

But the success the team was having against every team that other than the Warriors makes this move not make much sense. Hiring someone with no head coaching experience in the middle of the season without them even serving a day as the interim coach makes even less sense. Lue’s three-year deal is a big commitment this soon.

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