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Jerk of the Month: Billy Joe Saunders

I’m starting a new award called The Jerk of the Month and at the end of the year, The Jerk of the Year. Sports are funny. We can love watching them but it takes a big ego to be good at playing them and when big egos get together they clash. It is no surprise that sometimes, guys do jerky things. Every month we’ll publicly shame the biggest jerk; a guy who does something terribly wrong that we just simply don’t like.

Billy Joe Saunders wants to protect his undefeated record and WBO title but painting Gennady Golovkin as the bad guy is a jerk move.

Billy Joe Saunders wants to protect his undefeated record and WBO title but painting Gennady Golovkin as the bad guy in why the fight won’t happen is a jerk move.

The first one goes to WBO world middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders.

The British brawler shocked everybody when he upset the magnificent Andy Lee, who is one of the most technically sound fighters around. Saunders proved the old saying true that a guy can have the best play in the world but it goes out the window the first time they get punched in the face. Saunders punches hard and rattled the former Olympian to steal his belt.

It seemed like a sure bet that the undefeated Saunders (23-0, 12 KOs) would go on to fight knockout artist Gennady Golovkin (34-0, 31 KOs), who is on his quest to unify the middleweight belts. GGG, the WBA and IBF champion, is slated to fight WBC champion Canelo Alvarez in the fall, but both can fight one opponent before they meet.

Alvarez already has huge wins against against ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley, Erislandy Lara, James Kirkland, Miguel Cotto and another close fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Golovkin, though, does not have this tremendous resume. He is known because he keeps knocking everybody out but other than David Lemieux, he has a fairly weak resume. Daniel Geal and Marco Antonio Rubio are decent but Willie Monroe Jr., Martin Murray and Osumanu Adama are nothing to get excited about. Saunders would have been as good of an opponent as Golovkin could have gotten, but Saunders didn’t want the fight, so instead he is looking at second-tier opponents to fill his April 23 HBO fight date.

Saunders thought the offer to fight Golovkin was an unfair one and wanted more, but really he just wanted to make GGG seem like the bad guy for not having the fight take place. Saunders was reportedly offered $3.1 million to fight GGG. Considering that the Golovkin made $2 million and Lemieux made $1.5 million for their PPV bought, a $3.1 million for a non-PPV event is a lot of money. If Saunders did not get more than his $3.1 million purse then he wanted the fight to happen in Great Britain, where he would have his home country behind him.

Saunders wanted everything and wanted to give up nothing. Simply, he understands it is a major risk to put his undefeated record and title up against a man who may be the pound-for-pound best in the sport, but he choose to paint GGG as the bad guy. Jerk move.

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