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Spurs only team between Warriors and history

By: Amelia Parreira

There doesn't seem to be anything in the way of the Golden State Warriors and history, except maybe the San Antonio Spurs.

There doesn’t seem to be anything in the way of the Golden State Warriors and history, except maybe the San Antonio Spurs.

After a tough draw with the Miami Heat on Feb. 24 and then another win over the Orlando Magic, the Golden State Warriors continue their top-level streak, now with a 52-5 season record. But as the season carries on and the pressure grows stronger, will the Warriors keep up the fortunate momentum?

There’s no doubt in mind.

Even though the Warriors sometimes lack the energy they need to stay ahead, they always manage to pull through.

Let’s talk about Wednesday’s game, for instance. The Warriors trailed the Heat for the entire first half, and shifted the lead possession 13 times in the fourth quarter alone. But, like always, the Warriors push for that extra win at whatever cost.

With strong frontmen like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala; it’s no wonder the Warriors play the way they do. Curry currently scores an average of 30.4 points per game while shooting over 50-percent from the field in every game. The 27-year-old MVP is an unstoppable ball of energy. You might even say he’s a lucky charm for Golden State.

But Curry comes with a package deal. When Thompson plays alongside Curry, the duo can work miracles. Together they make the “Splash Brothers” duo, a name they have definitely earned in their playing time together.

As of now, Thompson scores an average of 21.6 points per game and keeps his field goal percentage in the forties in each game. In Wednesday’s game against Miami, Thompson shot 52-percent from the field.

Though the Warriors have a secure lead right now, they must keep focused and never let their guard down.


The San Antonio Spurs are just waiting to catch the Warriors at a time of weakness in order to gain the first place slot in the west. The Spurs, which are 49-9 this season, beat the Utah Jazz 96-78 on Feb. 25. But that’s only a glimpse of their rising potential.

Though the Jazz haven’t had its best season this year, its offense has found itself thriving in recent games. But of course that didn’t matter to the Spurs as they put away their fourth-straight road win.

Kawhi Leonard, who shoots well over 50-percent from the field in the majority of games, put 29 points on the board for the Spurs in Thursday night’s game. Other key players include LaMarcus Aldridge and Tony Parker, who score an average of 16.7 and 12.8 points per game, respectively.

Right now the Spurs sit 3.5 games behind the Warriors in NBA West standings, and will have to outplay the Warriors’ strong chemistry in order to earn the top seed.

Will it be possible? Yes.

Will it be difficult? Most likely.

But, like all things in life, anything is possible. So the Warriors need to keep up the stamina and watch their backs. If they don’t, they could get spurred this season.

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