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Top five story lines of the Super Bowl

Peyton Manning’s last game?

Peyton Manning

We don’t know for sure, but more than likely this is the final match in Peyton Manning’s career whether he wins or loses. Manning is a sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famer but can either go out riding off in the sunset with his second Super Bowl championship, or he will fall to 1-3 with his own win being in one of the most forgettable Super Bowls in recent memory.

Cam Newton: A born winner

Cam Newton

You always hear that some guys are born winners. Cam Newton certainly has been to this point. He won a championship in high school. He then led Blinn College to a NJCAA National Championship and Auburn for an NCAA National Championship. If he win a Super Bowl then he’s won at every level imaginable. Newton is able to do things that we have never seen in the NFL before. At 6-foot-5, 260-pounds, with that much athleticism and that much skill at the quarterback position is is truly a special kind of player.

Thomas Davis’ broken arm

Thomas Davis

A broken arm takes more than just two weeks to come back from, but this is a Super Bowl and there is no way Thomas Davis will allow himself to miss out on this game. He understands that this is not a head injury or anything; the worse that happens is he re-breaks his arm and has to recover during he offseason. But the worry is not whether he can go out there and run around with a big brace on his arm, it’s whether he will be able to withstand the impact when delivering a hit over the middle. Davis has been a huge part of the Panthers’ dominant defense that has really gotten them to this point.

The Broncos pass rush

Ware and Miller

Denver’s defense is really, really spectacular. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware are the best pass rushing duo in the league this year and have been the driving force behind the team’s run to the Super Bowl despite marginal play from the team’s legendary quarterback. But you cannot just put a pass rush on Cam Newton because he is even more dangerous when out of the pocket. Miller and Ware cannot over-pursue him, their best bet is to feather him, and keep him in the pocket while the interior pass rush crashed in to get Newton.

Ted Ginn Jr.’s emergence at 30

Ted Ginn Jr

The former No. 9 overall pick by the Miami Dolphins never lived up to expectations in the NFL through his first eight seasons. He never became a viable weapon in the passing game for the Dolphins and found himself in San Francisco after three years. In 2012 he looked to be one his way out of the year as he caught just two passes for one yard in 13 games. Carolina took a chance on him in 2013 and he had a successful year with Newton. That would not continue with Arizona in 2014, so he came back to Carolina and because of an injury to Kelvn Benjamin he had to step up into a role as a NO. 1 receiver. On paper that is a scary thing to look at, but Ginn has done an incredible job and his used his speed and athleticism to become a legitimate No. 1 receiver in the Panthers’ passing game. Though he has been kept quite so far in the playoffs he did show off what he could do with a 22-yard rushing touchdown against the Cardinals. He will face another shutdown cornerback in Aquib Talib in the Super Bowl, and looking at how Seattle and Arizona limited him, he may have another quite game, but his speed opened up the other guys on the offense to make plays and that is not something that will shot up in the box score. He’s finally become the dynamic playmaker every body once thought he could be nearly a decade ago.

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