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Wait a minute…Karl is staying now? Maybe.

Maybe Vlade Divac changed his mind about George Karl's future, but if the players give up on him on Wednesday it is unlikely they will stay committed to him.

Maybe Vlade Divac changed his mind about George Karl’s future, but if the players give up on him on Wednesday it is unlikely they will stay committed to him.

It was a foregone conclusion last night and this morning that after the Kings 120-100 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, head coach George Karl would be fired by the All-Star break. But apparently after a sit down conversation between Karl and general manager Vlade Divac, the Kings remain committed for Karl, one the basis that he made changed to practice – eliminating voluntary shootarounds – and making defensive changes. Well, they are at least committed to him for now.

Wednesday night is going to be very important for Karl. The Kings will cap off their horrible road trip with their fourth-straight and seventh away game in nine games against the Philadelphia 76ers. As terrible as the Kings are playing right now, the 76ers are by far the worst team in the league with just an 8-44 record, and once again no visible desire to win.

If the Kings don’t beat the 76ers or even look good against them, Karl probably won’t be sticking around even despite what the latest reports about the change of mind of the Kings’ decision-makers.

If the Kings players have given up on Karl, there is nothing that can save him, but if the guys bought back into what their future Hall of Fame coach is saying, then maybe the Kings will be keeping him around. We just have to see how it plays out.

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