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Brady reinstated suspension is about power

Tom BradyI really thought we were done with this, but we are not. A US Federal Appeals court has filled that Tom Brady must serve the four-game suspension handed to him by the NFL for his involvement in ‘deflategate’. This is a full season after Brady won an appeal that lifted the suspension that was handed to him a year ago.

It’s a power move by Roger Goodell and the NFL. They want to make sure the suspensions they hand down get served. They want to prove that nobody, no matter how popular or powerful they are that they cannot undermine their authority.

Realistically, there is no good reason for this to still be going on. We’re talking about the air pressure in a ball for half of a game that was played two years ago and ended up being a complete blowout. But We’re back, despite a judge overturning the suspension before the season and the Wells report only saying that it was “more probable than not” that Brady did something. There was no proof of anything, but Goodell wants to show his power.

The US Federal Appeals court that said Brady must serve his suspension declared that Goodell had every right to go what he did under the collective bargaining agreement and there is no reason why Brady would not have to follow the suspension.

Goodell’s power to arbitrate his own appeals that he initially handed don has been an issue for quite a bit of time now, but this is something the NFLPA allowed to happen. They could have negotiated for something else when the new agreement was being made, but nope; Goodell was given that power and has exercised that right numerous times. The appeals court is agreeing that he has that right now. And that is why this story just will not go away.

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