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Cejudo is a dangerous matchup for Mighty Mouse

Demetrious Johnson typically wears down and dominates his opponents on the mat, but that is where Olympic Gold Medal winner Henry Cejudo is best.

Demetrious Johnson typically wears down and dominates his opponents on the mat, but that is where Olympic Gold Medal winner Henry Cejudo is best.

It’s hard to imagine Demetrious Johnson losing right now. ‘Mighty Mouse’ has won nine-straight fights, seven-straight in very dominant fashion. He’s the first and only flyweight champion in UFC history and he’s completely whipped out the division so much that challengers have been recycled or picked out from the low ranks just to give him a new opponent.

At first glance, it really seems like Henry Cejudo might be too green in MMA to be taking on Johnson after only four UFC fights and none against a particularly high-ranking opponent, but he might just be the biggest threat Johnson has had yet.

The last time we thought we had an unbeatable champion taking on an opponent who many felt was not ready for the title shot Ronda Rousey nearly had her head kicked off and Holly Holm took her championship.

This is a very different fight, but it is fair to draw some comparisons.

Like Rousey at the time, Johnson has been so dominant that is makes it impossible to think he could lose, but like Holm, Cejudo is far superior than Johnson at something.

Holm was a vastly superior striker than Rousey. It was the first time she went into a fight at a disadvantage in an area. Cejudo won an Olympic Gold Medal as a wrestler. It is the first time in a long time that Johnson will go into a fight at a disadvantage in an area.

That changes the gameplan for Johnson. Typically, Johnson is a very crisp striker, but he likes to get his opponent on the mat, use his wrestling and set up dangerous submissions. Johnson made both Kyoji Horiguchi and Chris Cariaso look silly trying everything they could and failing to get to their feet after he took them down. If he tries to wrestle with Cejudo, he plays right into the Olympian’s strength. That’s dangerous for Johnson.

Johnson is a good striker, but it is not particularly his biggest strength, and Cejudo has really improved his kickboxing.

And Cejudo won’t be worn down like other Johnson opponents have been. Cejudo is 10-0 with his last six fights going to the decision. Of course only in three round fights, but he’s proven his durability.

Cejudo enters his fight against Johnson as a pretty massive underdog, but in all actuality, he probably matched up against ‘Might Mouse’ better than most of his former challengers.

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