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Dos Santos handles Rothwell in Croatia

Dos Santos Rothwell

A new star was not born, but an old star regained some of it’s shine as Junior Dos Santos won his first fight in nearly two years, snapping Ben Rothwell’s four-fight win streak with a very one-sided unanimous decision victory.

Dos Santos out-worked Rothwell in Zagreb Croatia at UFC Fight Night 86 to pick up a win he desperately needed to keep in the title picture after being knocked out by Alistair Overeem this last December.

Rothwell had risen to the No. 4 heavyweight ranking with stoppages of Brandon Vera, Overeem, Matt Mitrione and Josh Barnett over the past three years, but was never able to get into the fight against Dos Santos.

Dos Santos stayed on the outside the entire first round but stayed steady throwing jabs and body shots to keep the powerful Rothwell away. Dos Santos was much quicker too, continually getting in and out from Rothwell without sustaining much damage at all.

In the second round the continual abuse of Dos Santos’ jabs opened a up over Rothwell’s right eye. After that Dos Santos pressed forward even harder, seeing that he was in control of the right. The big Brazilian landed a hard right hand and followed with a front kick to send Rothwell to the mat. The horn sounded before Dos Santos could pound on Rothwell, saving the Wisconsin native from a punishing assault that was sure to come.

Dos Santos was settled in after two rounds and in the third he had his way with Rothwell as he was in a groove circling him while jumping in and out while landing precise shots. A hard left hand weakened Rothwell. He got wobbly, but was able to recover and went back toward Dos Santos for a fight. When he tried to get after Dos Santos, the Brazilian used his quickness to get away and stay untouched.

In the final two rounds, Rothwell continued to take well-times and well-placed punches and his face became red and filled with blood after all of the punishment. Dos Santos out-landed Rothwell 157-78 in total strikes through the fight on his way to the one-sided win.

Rothwell’s momentum certain came to a screeching halt with the loss and it makes fighting for the heavyweight title in 2016 pretty much impossible, but a loss to one of the best in the division won’t completely take him out of it. And that is true especially considering Dos Santos was coming off one of the worst losses of his career against Overeem but looks like he is back in top contender form again with his dominant victory over Rothwell.

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