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GGG makes easy work of Wade

GGG vs Wade

Once again, Gennady Golovkin showcased his ridiculous power as he earned yet another quick knockout victory over Dominic Wade at The Forum in Inglewood, California as he awaits a fight against Canelo Alvarez.

GGG has in the past let his opponent survive longer than they should have to appease the fans, but not this time. Golovkin was out there looking to end this fight as fast as possible. He sent Wade down in the first round with a hard right hook and twice more in the second round before before the challenger from Washington DC was unable to continue with 23 seconds left in the second round.

GGG earned his 22nd-straight knockout victory to improve to 35-0.

In the second round, Golovkin landed a powerful left uppercut that really hurt Wade. He pushed him to the canvas with a follow-through right hook. Wade got back to his feet, but it was clear the fight was over. Wade tried to out-box Golovkin, but GGG quickly ended the fight with a perfectly-placed right hook to the chin.

Wade was able to land some shots, but from his opening punches it was clear he did not have the power necessary to keep Golovkin at a distance. GGG just took the shots, kept walking forward and hammered Wade with his powerful shot.

While it seemed like GGG would have this fight before he took on Alvarez in a highly-anticipated title unification fight, many don’t expect that fight to happen in the fall anymore. The earliest people expect that fight to happen is next spring, and maybe not even then.

That creates a problem for GGG.

His knockouts have made him a must-see spectacle in the ring, but he still hasn’t fought anybody. That isn’t entirely his fault, but he is not going to become a PPV headliner on his own and if Alvarez, or Billy Joe Saunders don’t fight him, he needs to find some legitimate opponents in a hurry.

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