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Jerk of the Month: Mike Krzyzewski

Coach K was wrong, lied about what he did and then finally admitted to it only after it was proven he lied.

Coach K was wrong, lied about what he did and then finally admitted to it only after it was proven he lied.

If Duke basketball is good for anything it’s that it is guaranteed to provide us with a “Jerk of the Month”. For a second-straight month, Duke had provided us one. In February it was Grayson Allen. In March it was Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

The NCAA Tournament once again gave us a ton of great games, moments, excitement and introduced us to some incredible people with great stories. But a name we all know, Coach K, pulled a jerk move.

He was aggravated that his team played a terrible game against Oregon in the Sweet 16. They looked bad against the Ducks in their 82-68 loss. It wasn’t even as close at the lop-sided final score might show either.

But with time winding down, Dillon Brooks took a long, long 3-point shot. It was probably from about 35 feet away. He had to because the shot clock was still on, but the probability of making it was very low.

It went in. Coach K didn’t like that much.

Then after the game, Brooks went to hug Allen. Granted, it was an aggressive move toward him; Brooks probably was wrong in his approach to that. Coach K didn’t like that much either.

After the game while the teams were walking across the court and shaking hands, Coach K and Brooks stopped and exchanged some words. You don’t even need to be a lip-reading expect to see that Brooks apologized.

When asked after the game what Coach K said to him, Brooks said that Coach K essentially lectured him about sportsmanship. Brooks seemed perfectly fine about it. He didn’t seem angry or aggravated. He handled it perfectly in the handshake line too.

But Coach K denied it. He said he didn’t say that. And he lied.

It was only after actual audio of the exchange was released that Coach K admitted to saying something to Brooks. It was only after he was being publicly criticized that he admitted to what he said and that he was out of line.

Coach K was out of line. It was indefensible. Even though Oregon coach Dana Altman has come out and said he doesn’t particularly have an issue with anything that happened, under no circumstances should another coach instruct another coaches players how to act or what to do. If he had an issue with what Brooks did, he should have contacted Brooks behind the the scenes.

Coach K might have apologized, but he’s been around way too long and knows way too well that he was wrong and the fact that he denied it until he was proven wrong makes him the clear “Jerk of the Month”.

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