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Walton is perfect hire for Lakers

By: Tim Palladino

Luke WaltonFinally, the Lakers looked to the future with recent move. After firing Byron Scott the Lakers aggressively looked to hire someone that could fit with a system of young players and grow the franchise back to prominence after a three-year period of misery. And the teams found their guy, agreeing to hire Golden State Warriors assistant Luke Walton to a five-year, $25 million contract. The former Laker who played under Phil Jackson will take over as the head coach once the Warriors postseason is over.

With Kobe Bryant retired, the team needs a new face. Walton will be it while he molds a team that will be filled with mostly young players, while they look for D’Angelo Russell to turn into the team’s new star.

It won’t be an easy task for the team that won only 17 games this past season, but Walton is the perfect guy for the job. He’s young, he’s been a Laker and is part of their family and he’ll bring excitement and exuberance back to the club.

This hire by the Lakers can be seen as a steal in coaching terms. In a season with so many coaching firings, Walton is one of the first hires after proving he can lead a team while serving as the interim coach of the Golden State Warriors during Steve Kerr’s leave while dealing with a back issue.

Walton had tremendous talent in Golden State but he still managed them very well and helped them win their first 22-games of the season. He is ready to take over the Lakers and Lakers fans will gladly accept him, and with the fact that he has learned the game under Lute Olsen as a player at Arizona, Phil Jackson as a Lakers player from 2003-2012, Steve Kerr this past three seasons with the Warriors and his legendary father Bill Walton, he certainly has the pedigree.

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Tim Palladino

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