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Brock Lesnar returning at UFC 200

Brock Lesnar is getting back in the Octagon and fives UFC 200 massive star power.

Brock Lesnar is getting back in the Octagon and fives UFC 200 massive star power.

Nobody is a more must-see combat fighter than Brock Lesnar is, and he will be back in the Octagon at UFC 200 against an opponent to be named later. And that is how you make UFC 200 the biggest event in promotion history.

Whether it is WWE of UFC, fans flock to televisions to see Lesnar fight, and the fact that he has not fought since 2011 and is still going to be a major draw, that says how much people love to see him.

It’s been five years since Lesnar last fought in the UFC, losing to Alistair Overeem in December 2011. He retired from the UFC after that loss, mentioning his struggled with diverticulitis. He returned to the WWE not too long after that, and when he re-signed with the professional wrestling promotion in March 2015, it looked like Lesnar officially closed the door on an MMA return, but he’s back now, at the age of 37 is one of the star attractions to what now looks like it could truly be the biggest event I UFC history.

After the very popular Conor McGregor ‘s removal from UFC 200, Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier II was put in as the headliner, but adding Lesnar brings back major star power that was missing from the big event.

Lesnar’s fame in a way gifted him an immediate rise to the top of the UFC. Despite losing his promotional debut to Frank Mir, Lesnar only needed on unanimous decision victory over Heath Herring before beating Randy Couture for the title. Then he defended his belt successful against Mir in a rematch and Shane Carwin to tie the record for most successful UFC Heavyweight championship title defenses. But then he lost to Cain Velasquez and Overeem to drop to 5-3 in his pro career.

But even despite the record, Lesnar is a proven brawler who is always a legitimate threat. And though he has been out of the octagon since 2011 and there is sure to be rust, he has kept in tremendous shape while in the WWE.

The question is who he will be fighting. That has not be announced, but a third-fight to settle to score against the highly-popular Mir makes a ton of sense.

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  1. RMAU says:

    Brock Lesnar couldn’t live with the feeling that he made a mistake when he retired. Now he’s back on the UFC 200 fight card and ready to prove a point.