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Brock Lesnar to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200

Brock Lesnar said he is "haunted" by the fact his UFC career ended way earlier than it should have, but he's headed back in the octagon against Mark Hunt in a featured fight at UFC 200.

Brock Lesnar said he is “haunted” by the fact his UFC career ended way earlier than it should have, but he’s headed back in the octagon against Mark Hunt in a featured fight at UFC 200.

It “haunted” Brock Lesnar that he had to retire from the UFC. He said he never felt he actually lost to an opponent after he was the champion; he only lost to diverticulitis and his health. It was unfortunate because while he was thrown into the championship frame way earlier than he should have been, he actually is tied for the longest reign heavyweight championship reign in history. He dominated. He was big, powerful and his wrestling skills were near the top in the entire promotion. But as he put it, he wasn’t at the top of his game when he was at the top of his career and in that sense; fans got robbed of what could have been.

But five years since his retirement, Lesnar is returning to the octagon as a featured attraction at UFC 200. He’s always a featured attraction. Whether it’s in the UFC or the WWE, Lesnar is the most must-see combat sports star there is. Even before they announced who his opponent would be, UFC 200 immediately became a must-see event. And now that he announced that he will be fighting Mark Hunt, the July 9 event is can’t miss.

Even before Conor McGregor dropped off the card and even after Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier II was put in as the main event, UFC 200 seemed to be lacking something. Getting to the 1.5 million buys that UFC 100 got was going to be hard for it to do, but now with Lesnar, who main evented UFC 100 against Frank Mir, this thing might get 2 million buys.

There were plenty of fighters who Lesnar would have fought. A trilogy match against Mir would have made a lot of sense. A grudge match against Junior Dos Santos would have been a very interesting option too. Even Fedor Emelianenko’s name was thrown around as an opponent, but the real dream fight was against Hunt, who is still one of the toughest guys around and massively powerful, which was displayed when he just scored a one-punch knockout of Mir in March after a first round TKO of Antonio Silva.

Lesnar will most certainly have rust on him when he gets back in the octagon, and Hunt will be a dangerous challenge. But that is also what adds to the appeal of the fight. Lesnar is not just simply going in to squash one new guy for a guaranteed win. This is intriguing. He is a former champion, going against a very dangerous veteran who was a former title contender and it’s one of the major reasons why UFC 200 is a can’t miss event.

Whether Lesnar continues to fight in the UFC is still unknown. Initial reports claim that this is a one-time return for Lesnar, who is scheduled to wrestle at WWE SummerSlam on August 21, he announced on SportsCenter when he announced who his UFC opponent is. But if he beats Hunt, UFC fans surely will be clamoring for more of the Beast Incarnate, Brrrrock…Lesnar!

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