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There’s no conspiracy, the Cavs earned the title

By: Damon Sloan

The Cavaliers have broken the curse and have become NBA champions. LeBron James also fulfilled his promise and brought a championship to the Cavalier franchise, avenging their finals loss to the Golden State Warriors from a year ago.

Officiating had nothing to go with the Warriors losing. Golden State lost because their stars weren't hitting big shots and the team was playing bad defensively.

Officiating had nothing to go with the Warriors losing. Golden State lost because their stars weren’t hitting big shots and the team was playing bad defensively.

What makes this finals very interesting is that the Warriors had to go through games without key players Draymond Green in Game 5 and losing their defensive anchor in Andrew Bogut for the last three games of the series. But can the Warriors use those reasons as excuses for why they did not win the championship? Is it okay to think that a conspiracy of having the finals extended to seven games in order to increase revenue be a valid reason for the Warriors loss? Cavalier fans don’t think so.

Last season the Warriors and Cavs met in the finals for the first time last season in a matchup where Cleveland was without two of their most vital players in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Irving actually played in the first game but was shut down due to a knee injury and Love was out of the playoffs because of a separated shoulder he suffered in the first round against the Boston Celtics. Cleveland was also without Cavalier favorite Anderson Varejao who was out the entire season due to a torn Achilles heel.

This meant that LeBron had to lead the Cavs against a stacked Golden State squad in what many thought would be a sweep for the Warriors. Cleveland somehow managed to push the series to six games because of a herculean effort by James, but was not enough to overcome a powerhouse Warrior team that boasted the league MVP Steph Curry and his high octane offensive teammates.

Ironically the Warriors found themselves in a similar situation when Green was suspended from game 5 for hitting James in the Groin area. During Game 5 Andrew Bogut went down awkwardly on his knee and was ruled out for the remainder of the finals.

Another possible excuse that is used for why the Warriors lost is a silly thought of how the finals was choreographed to have the finals go to a decisive Game 7. It’s all coincidental that the series lead was 3-1 before all of the events that happened with Green and Bogut took place. By the time Game 5 came, everyone thought that this series was going to be a clean sweep. Many Warrior fans even boasted that they gave Game 3 away so that they could beat Cleveland in Oakland for their championship celebration.

However, in one of the greatest performances in finals history, the duo of Lebron and Kyrie combined for 82 points and set the tone for a comeback that seemed impossible in the finals. This momentum carried into Game 6 where we saw the return of Draymond and still the Cavs trounced Golden State by 14 points. We saw a frustrated Warrior team and even a Curry ejection!? He threw his mouthpiece at a fan on the sidelines and was tossed from the game. Then Klay Thompson walked into the team locker room before the game was even finished. The Warriors lost their composure in that game.

Even with the Warriors poor play in the last three games, fans (especially Warrior fans) have blamed the loss on poor officiating and a rigged Finals in order for the NBA to receive a higher revenue. Ayesha Curry took to twitter to rant and was actually banned from coming to Game 7. As naive as this all sounds, the fact remains that Chef Curry did not bring his greatest recipe to match the ingredient known as King James.

In the finals, Curry barely shot 40-percent from the field not being able to catch the “Splash rhythm” we are all so accustomed to seeing. But what was really disappointing was that he averaged more turnovers than assists with a 4.3 turnovers per game to just 3.7 assists per game. He also did a poor job of managing to stay in front of opposing point guard Kyrie Irving as Irving outplayed the two time MVP in route to an NBA title for Cleveland.

Officiating is only a small part of basketball and should not mask the fact that your star player needs to be in the front leading the team to victory. The Cavs had their star in LeBron James, but the Warriors did not have Curry when they needed him. The officials were not the reason the Warriors 31-9 at one point in the first quarter of Game 6.

This finals battle was one for the ages as we saw the best from the east and western conference battle for the coveted Larry O’Brien trophy. It came down to what team’s star was going to shine brightest and at the end of the day, Cleveland’s favorite son came back to avenge the loss that he suffered the year before to Curry and the Warriors.

The answer many Warrior fans think is that the Finals was rigged because of a comeback by Cleveland to comeback from a 3-1 deficit breaking a barrier that no other NBA team has been able to do in a Finals series. But they are only contradicting themselves because only a series ago against the Oklahoma City Thunder, they were also down 3-1 and came back to beat the Thunder in seven games. So their answer doesn’t add up in reality.

Give credit where credit is due: the Cavaliers were tremendous the last three games and deserved to win the NBA Championship.

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Damon Sloan

Staff Writer
Damon Has been an athlete his entire life. He started playing basketball when he was three-years-old and played competitively all the way through his high school years. He had a chance to pursue a collegiate basketball career but chose to focus on getting his education. Damon knew he wanted to be around sports and he was always interested in knowing statistics about players and could separate the good players from the bad. Growing up his mother called him the "stat king" because he could tell you any statistic about any player. Damon wants to be versatile in writing not just for basketball, but for football, boxing, and mixed martial arts. One thing that may separate Damon from other journalists is that he isn't just knowledgeable about basketball, but he played at a high level for years and still continues to play today, which helps him mold his knowledge of the game.
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