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Thompson picks MacDonald apart in Canada

Stephen Thompson

Many thought that his win first round knockout of Johny Hendricks earlier this year was enough for Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson to get a shot at Robbie Lawler’s welterweight title, so now, after a one-sided decision over Rory MacDonald, he has to be the next in line.

Thompson likes to take a defense by offense approach of his fights. MacDonald landed only 10 strikes in the first two rounds combined because Thompson was so active throwing punched and kicking. It forced MacDonald to be on the defensive almost the entire time.

MacDonald picked things up in the final three rounds, but that was because he knew he was far back on the scorecards already, but his aggressiveness opened him up for even more hard shots by Thompson.

But the end of the fight Thompson landed 124 of 274 strikes and 110 significant strikes of the fight that both fights remained on their feet nearly the entire time. MacDonald tried to get out of the strikefest with two takedown attempts, but Thompson stuffed both of them. MacDonald, who landed only 62 of 153 strikes and just 61 significant strikes, was trying to find different ways to attack Thompson. He tried to roll and grab Thompson’s ankle several times in the fight, but Thompson was too quick and got his leg out of the way every time he did it.

The biggest difference in their attacks was MacDonald almost exclusively focused on striking Thompson’s head with his punched, while Thompson once again showed his array of strikes with different punches, elbows, kicks, back hands, spinning kicks. His striking ability was unpredictable and left MacDonald guessing the entire time.

Cerrone established himself as welterweight contender

Donald CerroneThis was a significant victory for Donald Cerrone as he continues to showcase himself at welterweight.

After losing to Rafael dos Anjos, Cerrone decided he was tired of torturing himself to get down to lightweight so instead he’s going to stay at welterweight here he’s a most natural fit and dominated Patrick Cote in his second fight at the division.

In his first welterweight bout, Cerrone made easy work of ‘Cowboy’ Alex Oliveira, but he was a natural lightweight who moved up in weight to take the fight on short notice. But this time, Cerrone fought and dominated a naturally heavier fighter.

Cote has fought in just about every division there is in MMA, even heavyweight, so it was a great test to see how Cerrone could handle a bigger opponent, and he did with ease.

Not only did Cerrone out-land Cote 92-57 in strikes and 73-46 in significant strikes, but he took Cote down with ease twice in the first round and in the second had an body triangle locked in and was able to control Cote while on his back. He nearly got a rear-naked choke sunk in, in the second round, but was unable to get his arms in the right place to end the fight.

But he worse Cote down, bloodied him up and it didn’t take long in the third round for him to score the knockout victory as the referee stopped the right at 2:24 after Cerrone’s third knockdown of the three-round fight.

Calderwood tops Letourneau in UFC’s first women’s flyweight bout

Calderwood Letourneau

One would have thought that if the UFC was seeking to add a new women’s weight class it could be one heavier than bantamweight so they can add Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino to cards regularly, but instead they went between strawweight and bantamweight to 125-pounds and in the promotion’s first-ever women’s flyweight fight, Joanne Calderwood dominated and stopped former strawweight title challenger Valerie Letourneau in the third round.

If the UFC had to pick somebody to be the favorite to be a future flyweight champion, Letourneau, coming off a very competitive fight with strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk, would have been the pick because of her tenacity and toughness, but Calderwood nearly ended Letourneau several times in the first.

Calderwood out-landed her Canadian opponent, 142-98 and out-landed her 115-80 in significant strikes. She also took her down three times and knocked her down twice. The final knockdown off a low body kick was what sealed the deal for Calderwood in a very on-sided fight.

Whether it was body-shots, leg kicks or punches to the face, Calderwood was doing damage to Letourneau, who continually showed her pain and probably should have had her fight stopped way before it was.

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