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2Alvarez pummels dos Anjos for belt

Eddie Alvarez never allowed Rafael dos Anjos to mount any sort of offense with his aggressive style that earned him a first round TKO.

Eddie Alvarez never allowed Rafael dos Anjos to mount any sort of offense with his aggressive style that earned him a first round TKO.

Eddie Alvarez earned his UFC lightweight championship. The former Bellatore MMA champion picked the always-aggressive Rafael dos Anjos apart with precise shots that earned a stoppage at 3:49 in the first round of Wednesday’s title fight that was exclusively aired on UFC Fight Pass.

Herb Dean had no choice but to wave for the bell after seeing dos Anjos take on a huge beating. It was a hard right hook that staggered dos Anjos and Alvarez never let him recover with a furious flurry of shots following.

Alvarez did end up crashing to the floor in the round, but only when his own attempt at a flying knee failed and he did not land right. But he quickly got back up, got dos Anjos’ back to the cage and finished him off with some hooks and uppercuts.

Alvarez has always carried a reputation of one of the toughest brawling fighters around and this is a second-straight fight against a top-level fighter that he never allowed them to get going. Despite a split decision after three rounds against Anthony Pettis, Alvarez dominated the former lightweight champion by keeping him up against the cage and wearing him down. Pettis never mounted any sort of offense in that fight. In this one Alvarez got the job done a lot quicker, but again it was his aggressive style that forces his opponent on the defensive the entire fight and never put himself in position to get tagged with a hard punch that hurt him.

Winner of three-straight fights since his debut loss in the UFC to Donald Cerrone in September 2014, Alvarez is the first person in history to win both a UFC title and Bellator title.

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