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Rodriguez beats Caceres in fight full of highlights

Yair Rodriguez

The fight most-definitely lived up to it’s billing as an exciting class between two very innovative strikers in the featherweight division. It was exactly that, but Yair Rodriguez made his statement as a contender with a split decision victory over Alex Caceras after 25-minutes.

Both guys were spinning, throwing punches from all sorts of angles, rolling, doing cart-wheels; everything that excited the fans and had them on their feet for the entire fight. At the end of the fight, Rodriguez threw a ridiculous 431 strikes, landing 160 of them (37%). Caceras wasn’t quite as busy, but his 99-for-246 strikes landed would have exhausted even the most in-shape fighters in the UFC.

But as they say, styles make fights and both fighters were flashy and put on a tremendous show, both fighters showed major flaws in their game. Both guys were too willing to showcase all of their striking moves and avoided the clinch, neither used jabs to space their opponents and neither one remained unpredictable as they kept doing the unpredictable every single time they would wind up.

Rodriguez certainly showed off his speed and skills as a striker, but wasn’t able to really hit clean as he wasted his movements and that is the only reason the fight went the decision. With 160 landed strikes, Rodriguez should have knocked a fighter like Caceres out, but was unable to because he didn’t just stand there and land a combination, he just jumped around and spun around.

Until that part gets cleaned up, Rodriguez will be an interesting contender, but maybe not a really legitimate contender.

Dennis Bermudez beats up and bloodies Rony Jason

While Rony Jason deserves quite a bit of credit for surviving the duration of his fight against Dennis Bermudez despite spending most of it with a giant gash in his forehead gushing out blood, Bermudez deserves more for going in and completely dominating such a talented opponent for 15 minutes on his way to a unanimous decision victory.

In the opening minutes of their fight Bermudez threw down a hard right elbow to the forehead of Jason, who was down on his back. The elbow split Jason open and immediate there was a puddle of blood on the mat. The devastating cut did not take him out of the fight, though. His corner also did a tremendous job to get it patch up as best they cool between rounds, but there was never a moment where Jason really showed he could pull off a victory over Bermudez.

Through three rounds, Bermudez out-landed Jason 77-16 and 48-9 in significant strikes. He took Jason down five times as well and used his ground-and-pound to beat his opponent up until the very end.

Bermudez looked to be on a different level than Jason, even before the cut.

Leites controls Camozzi from start to submission finish

It’s probably time to realize that Chris Camozzi is a good fighter against no-named opponents who will never really challenge a ranked opponent. After winning three-straight fights and five of his last six, that was once again the case as he was completely overwhelmed by a superior Leites.

In the first round, Camozzi spent nearly the entire time standing up against the cage. Leites was stuck on his back, had a body triangle locked in with his legs and he continually got to land shots and Camozzi needed to use his hands to try to pull Leites off instead of defending. In the second round, Leites was once again all over Camozzi’s back with his hand constantly around his neck trying for a choke.

Finally in the third round, Leites was able to take advantage of the back control. Camozzi was just settling in on his feet early in the third round but Leites put him on the mat, quickly got his back and sunk in the rear-naked choke to get the submission victory.

But while Camozzi failed in his chance to finally break into the middleweight rankings, Leites was able to rebound after two tough decision losses to now-champion Michael Bisping and finally rising contender Gegard Mousasi. It was about as perfect a performance as Leites could have had as he out-landed Camozzi 58-11 through 13 minutes, taking him down five times and ending it with the submission victory.

Swanson turns around Kawajiri’s takedowns for victory

Tatsuya Kawajiri did not want to stand there and strike with Cub Swanson in their Fight Pass Early Prelim fight in Salt Lake City, Utah on UFC Fight Night 92. He needed to get the fight to the ground, it was the only chance he had to get a victory against the always-tough Swanson with a renewed sense of victory coming off a dominant victory over Hacran Dias in April after back-to-back losses severely dropped him down the rankings and out of title contention. But while Kawajiri did everything he could to get the fight to the ground, Swanson showed he is still one of the best in the featherweight division in the class of top-15 fighters as he stuffed nine of Kawajiri’s 12 takedown attempts, took control and dished out the punishment for most of the fight.

Kawajiri was able to get Swanson to the ground in the first round, and was able to stay on top of him and landed some big strikes. But it was nothing to get Swanson out of the fight. Swanson came out throwing a flurry of punches to start the second round but after seeing how Kawajiri was shooting, he was able to stuff all four of his attempts, reverse them and quickly take his back.

Swanson found himself in perfect position on the ground against a grappler and attempted to sink in a rear-naked choke. Still, Swanson wanted to get back to his feet and worked to get back up. After throwing Kawajiri to the mat he charged him trying to land a knee to his gut, but it unfortunately landed on the side of the head of the downed opponent. There was a brief stoppage, but no deduction of a point, which proved to be key since one judge has the fight 29-28 while the other two had it 30-27 all for Swanson.

The first round was very close and easily could have gone Kawajiri’s say on the judge’s cards, but Swanson was able to out-land his opponent 64-26 over the last two rounds, landing the most significant shots and controlling the fight from start to finish. There was no doubt he won his second-straight fight to solidify himself back as one of the top featherweights in the UFC, possibly getting himself back in position to fight for a title after another win or two.

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