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Sports to include and cut from the Olympics


I absolutely love the Olympics and look forward to it every two years whether it’s the summer or winter games. That sort of competition, pitting the best of the best from around the world against each other, is special and nearly impossible not to get into. But what makes it even more special is that is a showcase for athletes who don’t play the traditional fan-favorite sports to shine while shedding some light on the great sports they play.

I’ve never been one to be bored by any sport; you name it, I’ll watch it, but even considering that, let’s not pretend that the Olympics are perfect. Every single Olympic circuit there are questions raised about what sports should be included in the next games and what should be cut. This year the notable additions were Rugby Sevens and Golf both getting back in the Olympics. This gave the Olympics some more international appeal for the sports overall, but at the end of the day, Rugby was a smashing success and golf turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. This alone shows what kind of sports should actually be in the Olympics and what kinds of sports should not be in the Olympics.

Which brings me to this article. As much as I love the Olympics I do question why some sports are in there and why some sports are not in it. In this article I will be looking at sports that should be cut and sports that should be added and explain what makes them a good candidate for either inclusion of dismissal.

In general, the sport has to gain something by being in the Olympics. The reason something like swimming is so great in the Olympics is because it is elevated to a great, high platform. The reason like a sport like basketball, despite being criticized by many, is so great in the Olympics is because it is the top international tournament there is and will draw the top players in the world every time.

Golf on the other hand, and tennis, are individual sports that are not elevated by the Olympics and is often the season why they don’t really do all that well in the games. It’s just another tournament that actually is probably a step down from the major events that they put on multiple times a year. But let’s chalk up Golf failing to draw top stars this year more to the zika virus than apathy from the players and not put them on the cut line yet; same with Tennis this time around.

But not everything gets that sort of love. Here is the list for which sports I think should be included in the Olympics and which sports should be taken out.

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Corey Johns

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You could say Corey was born to become a sports journalist. His father won a national championship coaching college soccer. His mother is a baseball fanatic who hasn't missed seeing an Orioles game since 1983 (literally, sometimes it's annoying). His great uncle was a big-time boxing promoter and his maternal grandfather was once a department head at the Baltimore Sun. Basically, sports and journalism run through his blood. He played just about every little league sports there was when he was a kid and was a multi-sport athlete in high school; even playing in the first-ever high school sanction Rugby game in the country. Eventually he retired from sports as an undefeated Maryland state Rugby champion as a high school senior. Perhaps lack of athletic talent has more to do with the retirement, but he will tell you that it more had to do with a great desire to jump right into media. Upon his graduation from University of Maryland, Baltimore County as a triple communications major, Corey started the So Much Sports network and has continued to grow his websites and continues to work to make them premier sports media outlets.

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