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Alvarez brutalized Smith for title



Maybe Gennady Golovkin has the quicker stoppage last week, but Canelo Alvarez was the far more dominant fighter in his response on Saturday night as he knocked Liam Smith out in the ninth round to win the WBO junior middleweight title.

It wasn’t just a lucky shot either, Alvarez knocked him out with a crushing body shot that just left Smith on the mat seemingly in excruciating pain, with his leg flailing while screaming.

It was a left hook to the liver that ended the fight, the second left hook to the liver to send Smith down and once Smith hit the canvas, Alvarez has no doubt at all that he was the new champion.

Smith fought through a lot of damage and showed why he was a world champion, but nothing he did seemed to hurt Alvarez. Alvarez never got hit with two hard shots in a row. Smith fought with a deep cut over his right eye for most of the fight.

Alvarez continues working the body, though, and had plenty of beautiful combinations throughout the fight.

Once again after a pretty one-sided fight before a knockout victory, Alvarez and his team say they will do everything they can to put a mega-fight against GGG together, but until they actually sign the contract, we’ll just be left hoping.

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