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LSU fires Les Miles, OC Cam Cameron


Enough finally became enough in Baton Rouge. After their football team dropped to 2-2 following an 18-13 loss to Auburn that came down to the final second, LSU has fired head coach Les Miles and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. Ed Orgeron will be the interim head coach.

In his 12th season Miles was 114-34 at LSU since being hired in 2006 and won the 2008 national championship, but the team simply couldn’t get over the hump, couldn’t beat Alabama and couldn’t get to a big bowl game the past few years. Dropping to 2-2 with four-straight sub-par performances left no other option for the Tigers. Even though the result of the game at Auburn is questionable at best considering the game-winning touchdown was called off, the Tigers really should not have been in that situation anyway.

LSU was seen as a strong contender to compete with Alabama for the SEC title with star running back Leonard Fournette leading the way, but instead of them blowing teams they should beat out and him running away with the Heisman the Tigers were completely embarrassed in their season-opening loss to Wisconsin, barely got past Mississippi State and lost at Auburn to drop to 1-2 against FBS competition while Fournette has yet to truly impress.

The Tigers settled for a spot in the Texas Bowl last year after starting off with a 7-0 record before losing three-straight to fall out of the SEC title race and selected bowl game consideration. Before that, LSU lost to Mississippi State, Auburn, Alabama and were shutout by Arkansas before losing in the Music City Bowl. The two years prior to that the Tigers went to the Outback Bowl and Chick-fil-A Bowl, respectively.

They were in the 2011 National Championship game as the No. 1 ranked team in 2011, but were shotout by the Crimson Tide in a rare regular-season rematch, 21-0.

Many fans and boosters called for Miles to be fired after the team fell apart at the end of last season, but the team stayed committed to him through the summer, but simply he wasn’t winning enough big games to keep the program behind him.

Miles wasn’t the only person with blame as Cameron ran an offense that has zero creativity to it, but Miles sticking by him also was a clear mistake.

It could not help to see so many LSU players succeeding in the NFL either with Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry quickly turning into stars. The team only made it to the Outback Bowl with losses to Georgia, Ole Miss and Alabama their final year together at LSU.

Orgeron was hired as the defensive line coach last season. He was once the head coach at Ole Miss for three seasons and was the interim head coach at USC in 2013.

The Tigers seemingly should have the ability to pick almost everybody they want as their head coach considering it’s one of the top jobs in arguably the best conference in college football. Many believed Jimbo Fisher would have been the Tigers’ target had they fired Miles last season, though Florida State is obviously a place Fisher can continually compete and win aa national championship. Houston’s Tom Herman is likely going to be the top of everybody’s hiring list.

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