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Week 3 Playoff and Heisman Watch

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (2-0)

Last Week: W – @ Ole Miss – 48-43


Alabama slayed the demon that was Ole Miss. Back-to-back years the Rebels beat them but on the road, in hostile territory and after falling behind early Alabama stormed back and won the game to remain undefeated. Through three games the Crimson Tide have clearly looked like the best team in the country and until further notice they are definitely No. 1.

2. Louisville Cardinals (3-0)

Last Week: W – Florida State – 63-20


Who saw this coming? Louisville absolutely has been the most impressive team in the country through three weeks and against Florida State they made their statement that they are ready to be called one of the best around. At no point this season has Louisville not looked like the dominant team on the field. Their first two wins were against lesser talent, but Florida State is a powerhouse that everybody thought was the favorites to win the ACC. A 43-point win, that’s incredible.

3. Stanford Cardinal (2-0)

Last Week: W – USC – 27-10


Clearly something is wrong with Southern California, but nothing is wrong with Christian McCaffrey, who had nearly as many yards before contact (107) as the Trojans has all together (117). Mccaffrey has 404 total yards and four touchdowns through two games. The Cardinal definitely look like the superior team in the Pac-12 right now.

4. Michigan Wolverines (3-0)

Last Week: W – Colorado – 45-28


Not that Colorado is the best team in the world, but the Wolverines picked up their best win of the short season with win over Colorado. Michigan got off to a slow start but rallied in a huge way. They trailed 21-7 after the first quarter, but out-scored the Buffaloes 38-7 the rest of the way.

Rose Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes (3-0 vs. Washington Huskies (3-0)

This is why the Bowl tie-ins are terrible, but we have to deal with putting Ohio State up against Washington in a lop-sided matchup because it has to be a Big Ten, Pac 12 game. The Buckeyes could easily be argued to be in the top four, though it’s their schedule that has then out for right now. Washington has done well, but they have has an even less impressive schedule. Both teams do feel like the clear No. 2 teams in their respective conferences, though.

Sugar Bowl: Texas A&M Aggies (3-0) vs. Texas Longhorns (2-1)

The sad part about the big 12 is that Baylor probably has the not in the selection committee’s eye right now because they are 3-0, but Texas deserves the credit for actually playing teams. The Longhorns have a win over Notre Dame and close loss at California. Baylor on the other hand has a perfect record with wins over, yawn… Northwestern State, SMU and at Rice. TAMU meanwhile is undefeated with wins over UCLA and at Auburn. Their running game is incredible and Trevor Knight is making magic happen there.

Orange Bowl: Clemson Tigers (3-0) vs. Michigan State Spartans (2-0)

For the same reason I’m not thrilled with Baylor I shouldn’t be thrilled with Clemson, but their is a big difference and that is, it’s easier to believe the Tigers will win their big games than Baylor will. Clemson edges Florida State for this spot, but the Tigers do have to start impressing more against bigger opponents. Michigan State came back off a bye week and showed they are still one of the elite teams in the big Ten with a victory at Notre Dame. They won’t ever completely blow a team out, but they were clearly the better team on Saturday.

Cotton Bowl Bowl: Houston Cougars (3-0) vs. Tennessee Volunteers (3-0)

While not completely inspiring, Tennessee has done what they have needed to do to get in line for one of these selected bowl games. The nine-point victory over Ohio does make Florida State a real contender for the at-large bowl bid, but the Voluntees can really make their claim these next few weeks. Meanwhile, Houston got the monster win they needed over Cincinnati and by the end of the year everybody will remember the final score and now how they got to it. Houston could easily be put into the playoffs with wins over Oklahoma, Lamar and at Cincinnati. They are right on the cusp of them.

Dropping Out


Florida State Seminoles (2-1): this is very, very harsh to have Florida State go from No. 2 in our poll to out of the bowl picture, but a 43-point loss is hard not to really look at. They drop to at best No. 3 in the ACC right now and that isn’t good enough to get in a selected bowl game either, but they will have time to recover for sure.

Ole Miss Rebels (1-2): This is why the playoff field needs to expand to eight teams because basically the Rebels are being penalized for actually playing teams that can play some ball, including a non-conference opponent that they lost to. But at the same time, while the Rebels are 1-2, at two losses they certainly can get back into a selected bowl game, just not the playoffs.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (1-2): Notre Dame is pretty much done now with two losses, though see the complain above about playing good opponents costing teams while teams playing cupcakes get a pass because they have a better record.

On the Cusp


Georgia Bulldogs (3-0): That Week 1 win over North Carolina still stands as the Bulldogs best win, but they have to start doing more than barely getting by teams in order to get into one of the selected bowl games even. Kirby Smart is doing a nice job, but the results need to be more impressive.

Baylor Bears (3-0): Baylor probably has the spot in the Sugar Bowl by the selection committee but their terrible strength of schedule should penalize them right now. They’ll have chances to fight up into one of those games throughout the year, though.

Wisconsin Badgers (3-0): The Badgers are unbeaten at 3-0, and will have plenty of chances to get monumental victories to break into the bowl picture. They haven’t done that quite yet, though.

Key Week 4 Games

Michigan State Spartans (2-0) vs. Wisconsin Badgers (3-0): These Big Ten powerhouses will play a huge game in Week 4 with the winner not only creating a more comfortable position in a selected bowl game, but also making a great case to be put in the playoff spot.

Michigan Wolverines (3-0) vs. Penn State Nittany Lions (2-1): The reason this game is so important is because it will finally be a big game for Michigan. They’ve blown out some cupcakes early in the year but Penn State will be their toughest test and if they win they keep the spot at the top of the Big Ten. If they lose, it’s wide open and Penn State actually gets some life back.

Tennessee Volunteers (3-0) vs. Florida Gators (3-0): This game took a bit of a hit with the injury to Florida quarterback Luke Del Rio, but Tennessee has a great chance to show their truly one of the elite teams in the SEC this year with a game against the Gators.

Ole Miss Rebels (1-2) vs. Georgia Bulldogs (3-0): The loser of this game is probably completely out of the Bowl picture because Ole Miss won’t be able to recover from three losses and Georgia won’t be able to put together a good enough resume to really make a strong case for it if they lose.

Heisman Watch

lamar-jacksonLamar Jackson – QB, Louisville

50/82 (61.0%), 913 Pass Uards, 8 Pass TDs, 2 INTs, 464 Rush Yards (9.5 YPC), 10 Rush TDs

JT Barrett – QB, Ohio State

49/73 (67.1%), 650 Pass Yards, 10 Pass TDs, 1 INT, 159 Rush Yards (4.1 YPC), 3 Rush TDs

Christian McCaffrey – RB, Stanford

291 Rush Yards (5.6 YPC), 3 Rush TDs, 11 Rec, 113 Rec Yards (10.3 YPC), 1 Rec TD

Davis Webb – QB, California

106/166 (63.9%), 1,359 Pass Yards, 13 Pass TDs, 3 INTs

Myles Garrett – DE, Texas A&M

8 Tackles, 4 TFL, 3 Sacks, 5 QBH

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