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Rousey to make return in December

Ronda Rousey will finally make her long-awaited return to the octagon in December against Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight belt.

Ronda Rousey will finally make her long-awaited return to the octagon in December against Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight belt.

Things are about to get a little Rowdy again in the UFC. Ronda Rousey has been booked to make her long-awaited return to the octagon at UFC 207 in Las Vegas, Nevada for against bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes on December 30; over a year since she shockingly suffered her first defeat and lost her belt to Holly Holm at UFC 193.

For helping create the interest in women’s MMA by wrecking six-straight fighters since her UFC debut back in 2013, Rousey was promised a title shot when she decided to return. These 11 months have been a trying on for Rousey, to say the least. She’s had to deal with her aura of invincibility being destroyed. She admitted that she has thoughts of suicide. She sat out and watched while other fighters were winning and making names for themselves in her place. She’s seen three different champions tossing the belt that nobody imagined her ever losing around like hot-potato. It hasn’t all been terrible though, she has filmed a movie with a starring role.

But now, she is back to what we all know she is great at. She’s stepping back in the cage, this time, as the challenger; his time as the one with something to gain, this time as the one wanting to take the belt.

Rousey may have gotten her head nearly kicked off by Holm last winter, but Rousey is women’s MMA. Women’s MMA was a strange occurrence before Rousey came around and started to rip people’s arms off; breaking them in some cases. They she won three-straight fights in a total time of 64 seconds.

Meanwhile, Nunes just scrapped her way us. The ‘Lioness’ as won four-straight fights; really taking off with a first round submission of Sara McMann in August 2015. Then she beat Valentina Shevchenko in a pretty convincing decision before wrecking Miesha Tate for the title. Nunes broke ground in her own way, becoming the first openly lesbian champion in mixed martial arts.

Both Nunes and Rousey are true trailblazers in different ways, but have proven to be two of the most vicious fighters inside the octagon as well. And in December, they’ll headline at the T-Mobile Arena with the entire UFC fan base watching; wanting to see how she returns. If she’s her old dominant self; how she handles coming back off the layoff and loss. And if Rousey beats Nunes, she’ll not only reclaim her position as the queen of mixed martial arts, but Dana White said a fight against ‘Cyborg’ would finally be coming at some point in 2017. If she beats Nunes.

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