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How chaos can shape the college football playoffs


Which four teams will make the college football playoffs this year? It’s a huge mystery and the way the Big Ten played out this year it looks like a huge mess for the selection committee. The committee in the past has put an emphasis on winning conference championship games, but they have always said it should be the four best teams in the country.

The only sure thing about this year’s playoffs is that the Alabama Crimson Tide should be in, whether they beat Florida in the SEC Championship game or not, they should be in. After that, there as so many question marks and here we’ll explain what four teams should be in based on championship game results.

Overall, there only seem to be seven teams capable of making the college football playoffs. After Alabama, it will be the Clemson Tigers, Washington Huskies, Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan Wolverines, Wisconsin Badgers and Penn State Nittany Lions all playing for the final three playoffs spots.

While the Colorado Buffaloes, Florida Gators, Virginia Tech Hokies, Oklahoma Sooners and Oklahoma State Cowboys will all be playing for Power-5 conference championships, none of those teams seem to have the resume to get in the playoffs.

But the Big 12 isn’t completely meaningless either, neither is the AAC Championship game as a Temple win would further boos the Nittany Lions’ resume. Here we’ll name a bunch of different scenarios to see all the different ways the playoffs could be formed. Keep in mind, though, Alabama is in no matter what happens.

Clemson, Washington, Wisconsin win

If all the teams that should win their conference championships win their conference championships, the playoffs are probably set with Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington all in.

Clemson loses and Washington and Wisconsin win

This is how the Badgers could sneak in to put a second Big Ten team in the playoffs, making it Alabama, Ohio State, Washington and Wisconsin.

Clemson and Wisconsin win, Washington loses

If Clemson wins, they are win, it’s pretty simple for them, but if Washington loses, then the Michigan Wolverines will have wins over two conference champions. That has to put them into the picture, even if that means two Big Ten teams that aren’t the conference champions are in the playoffs over Wisconsin, making it Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Michigan.

Clemson and Washington lose

Oh man, this is a crazy situation. What happens here if Clemson and Washington both lose? It really just doesn’t seem possible that the Hokies of Buffaloes could get into the playoffs even if this happens, and it doesn’t seem possible that either Big 12 team could get in. So does that mean we have three Big Ten teams in? You now what, in this case, they absolutely would deserve it. Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State/Wisconsin winner.

Clemson and Penn State win

Clemson wins and they are in. The question now is between Washington and Penn State. The Nittany Lions might not need Temple to win the AAC, but should the Owls beat Navy then that probably would help them get in too. Penn State has a chance to get another win over a Top 10 team, making it two on the year. Their win over Ohio State is by far better than anything the Huskies have done this year. So it wouldn’t matter if the Huskies win or lose as long as Penn State and Clemson wins. That should put them win, making it Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Penn State.

Clemson loses, Washington and Penn State win

If Clemson loses they would be out in this case. It would probably save Washington. Sorry Wolverines, you’re still probably out unless Washington loses. The foursome in this case would be: Alabama, Ohio State, Washington, Penn State.

How Ohio State can be out

Ohio State isn’t a lock, but they are very close to being on, but them being out would have to be more about how these teams perform. Clemson and Washington would obviously have to win, and Penn State would probably have to win, putting on a very impressive performance as well. Also, if Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma that would take away a victory over a conference championship the Buckeyes could have. Washington and Penn State would have to absolutely dominate their games too, and Oklahoma State completely putting it on the Sooners would hurt them too. There is a scenarios where Alabama, Clemson, Washington and Penn State would be final four.

How Michigan can get in and the Big Ten Champion is out

Once again, it depends on how these teams perform in their conference championship game. If Penn State and Wisconsin are both absolutely terrible (no not a hard-fought, low-scoring game, but instead a sloppy game where nether team can do anything based on their own futility) then the selection committee might end just looking at Michigan and just saying they are the best team around. Clemson or Washington would also have to lose in this case to open up a sport. That would make it Alabama, Ohio State, Washington or Clemson and Michigan.

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