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LSU removes interim tag, hire Orgeron as coach

Ed Orgeron went 5-2 as LSU's interim coach, earning him the full-time job.

Ed Orgeron went 5-2 as LSU’s interim coach, earning him the full-time job.

On the same day Texas fired Charlie Strong, a coach the program settled for after not getting their top candidate to replace a long-time coach who had to program entrenched in the national spotlight with championships coming under his tenure; the LSU Tigers have officially hired Ed Orgeron as their full-time head coach, after not getting their first choice to take over the program as a replacement for a long-time coach who had the program entrenched in the national spotlight with championships coming under his tenure.

This is not to say things won’t work out for Orgeron at LSU. After all, he did save what could have been an absolutely disaster of a season after he took over and went 5-2 as the interim head coach, but after Houston head coach Todd Herman made it clear he wasn’t going to LSU, the Tigers administration simply settled for Orgeron. We’ll just have to see in time how his tenure plays out.

Following a 2-2 start with road losses to Wisconsin in Green Bay and at Auburn, the Tigers fired Les Miles. Their offense was doing absolutely nothing, the team seemed lost and uninspired and things seemed bleak for LSU. Orgeron was expected just to be a place-holder while the program went out on a national search to hire the next great head man of the program. But Orgeron went 5-2 as the interim coach. LSU’s first two games under his direction produced more points than the team had in the first four points combined.

That success made it a real possibility that Orgeron could have the ‘interim’ take taken off his head-coaching title. Then a 54-29 victory at No. 22 Texas A&M in their regular-season finale on Friday made it a certainty that Orgeron would become the next guy; if of course they couldn’t get Tom Herman from Houston to take over.

Despite all of the success Orgeron had, he still wasn’t the guy the Tigers administration really wanted. They wanted Herman and his innovative, high-octane offense. Houston went 13-1 in 2015. Before injuries to star quarterback Greg Ward Jr, the Cougars were even ranked as high as No. 6 in the country and were in early position to be in the four-team playoff despite not being in a power conference.

But Texas wanted Herman too and once it became pretty clear he would be a Longhorn in the very near future, the Tigers didn’t want to leave any opening for another program to enter scoop up a guy who just led them to a pretty good bowl game – possibly even the Sugar Bowl, but the Citrus Bowl being another likely spot.

It’s far from an exciting hire, but it’s a safe one. We’ll just have to wait and see if LSU is fully committed to Orgeron or if they constantly get tempted by a hot up-and-coming guy who wants a chance as an elite program.

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