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Army-Navy is college football’s greatest rivalry

It’s not Ohio State vs. Michigan or Texas vs. Oklahoma or Alabama vs. Auburn; the greatest rivalry in college football is Army-Navy.

On Saturday, the two teams met for the 117th time in a rivalry that dates back to 1890. Army improve to just 7-5 on the year with a fourth-quarter comeback win, snapping a 14-game losing streak to the Midshipmen and clinching the Black Knight’s first winning season since 1996. And when they won the game, the Cadets stormed the field like it was the beaches of Normandy to celebrate with their team.

Very few guys who play in that game go on to play on Sundays; it’s not a battle of the most highly-touted five-star recruits year after year, but the passion those teams play with and what they and that game stands for is like nothing else college football offers.

It’s not a rivalry of hatred or trying prove dominance so one team can use it as a chip when recruiting. The guys are all one the same team at the end of the day; they’re the future of America’s first-line defense. They’re the men who so selflessly have chosen to risk their lives so we can sit there and watch a football game. They don’t play with the hopes of awing scouts so they can massive paydays at the professional level; they play because they love football and love to compete. When they’re out there it’s about bragging rights, never embarrassing an opponent.

There is a reason why the NCAA has allowed Army-Navy to play a stand-alone game after the regular season and after all of the conference championships. It’s because there is nothing that can compete with it. Watching on championship Saturday, even the conferences were competing against each other with title games going on at the same time, forcing fans to choose which game they would watch.

Army-Navy is the only game on that final week, displaying the absolute best of what college football is all about.

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